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  1. After 3 weeks of 15 knots out of the East and no sun, the calm and fog are as welcome as the new stray cat. Somehow it climbed the swim platform ladder here on the hard and invited himself aboard.
  2. I hope he has the patience to endure this leg.
  3. I think we have switched weather pattern!! My new boat mate. 2 teeth and all hugs. Ain’t my old dog, but you need a pet…
  4. Hmm, I recall typing the word fog in that post…my bad. Either way, come get your fog outta here!
  5. This has been on Cooper Capital Salvage for a while as a liquidation sale. I can’t believe this hasn’t sold to a discerning yachtsman
  6. They can handle the salty air along the coastlines for sure! The J/22 went to Muskegon Michigan and the new owner was amazed at the surface rust. They don’t have that problem in the Lakes. They also have less than a hundred boats for sale out there, so they’re stuck looking to the coasts for inventory. That’s a first!
  7. Kris, if you don’t mind, would you please take your dog back? Now that the temp has broken 60 and raining, it’s making the Jersey coast look moody after 2 weeks of wind and cold.
  8. That’s a healthy portion for a growing young lady! She probably had seconds!!! My 13 and 11 year old girls can put some food away and not gain a pound. Especially mac&cheese and mashed potatoes. Older one will steal the roast or Turkey off the counter like a dog if you’re not careful around her! @chester Have fun with that cutie pie!
  9. Triad builds one design trailers. Give them a call or check out their website. They can probably give you the correct specs.
  10. The spin cycle threw the harmonic balance of the copter out of phase and the pilot lost control of the cyclic. You should only hand wash at altitude.
  11. A stolen washing machine…the Russians call it prizes of war.
  12. Don’t know if he was banned or took some time away, but he is a bloc head(Eastern) and a know it all to boot. He only recently started irritating me, but he was annoying to a bunch of others for numerous reasons.
  13. I delivered that boat to MI last month, but there is another one in the neighborhood. I’ll see if I can measure the bases tomorrow. They look like 24” forward, 18” mid and 24”aft with adjustable pads.
  14. You don’t have to use those adjustable bases and can just use a long 2x6 covered with indoor outdoor carpeting if you are going to buy galvanized adjustable leg bases. I’ll take a pic of what I mean when I get back to my yard. Readily available parts at a trailer supply store cheap.
  15. Here’s what I have to offer. 3 stanchion bases, onset in line with the forward cabin top, another at the main companionway bulkhead and the aft set at the end of the trailer, where the cockpit aft bridge deck is located.
  16. With the length and beam of that fine boat, you could have probably skipped the sprit, but I think you’ll have fun and you overbuilt/ overkilled the buildout, so it should be fine.
  17. At least we are able chose our elected officials. Read today that Elon Musk said that Biden won because we wanted less drama. We might get bored and need TFG to spice things up again…he think he’s just on an illegal time out.
  18. Lots of cool YouTube’s of ground effect vehicles. I wouldn’t mind owning a 2 or 4 seater and cruising the Jersey Shore
  19. That’s a good question for a long retired insurance actuary.
  20. Looks like a laser focused line of sight, giving an unobstructed view. Hope he goes with the raised sole and max headroom below.
  21. If you look up Random, you will see his entire catalogue of popcorn eating bullshit has been evaporated into the beyond. He had numerous timeouts and a couple of flicks that he overcame by using his Mom’s IP address. I warned him a couple of times that he was pushing the self inflicted flick button upon himself and he laughed with that big Cuban cigar he was sucking on in his Mom’s basement.
  22. Lucky Strike no filters with that toasted tobacco was the bomb for getting a 10 minute high and a 10 hour hangover as a kid when someone could procure one from their Dad’s pack.
  23. A guitar on my boat is like a dog in the passenger seat of the pickup. Mine’s gone now, but another will take it’s place one dat. The dog, that is. Great guitar porn guys!!
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