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  1. They don’t do dyneema. Battery lugs will do a better job anyway…right?!
  2. You need to get your old avatar back, Keel.
  3. All you have to do is flip the tiller over backwards, stand on the paddle board/swim platform to steer and you can see the instruments just fine, duh!
  4. Well, it’s been said that bigger is better, so the cycle repeats! Nice poblow Bob!
  5. So you’re saying the only taste you have is in your mouth? This thread is about shitting on that shit box, not complementing it…
  6. I still wish I had the ability to maintain my boats as well as CL, but life can make you compromise and I love that he offers so much to anyone who is willing to participate. Cool guy. I do what I can in the same regard…the boat is for enjoyment, so why not make it available for others to experience?
  7. If you’re not going offshore or racing PHRF, I’d just stick with the roller furler and enjoy the boat. You won’t need to tack the tack down to gain a few extra feet of airflow across the sails. Go have some fun!
  8. I can see all the couples hanging out in the “massive” saloon during bad weather
  9. How many holding tanks and what volume?
  10. I’m not too sure about cross sheeting the asail across to the cabin top winch, therefore interfering with the main sheet. Seems like a massive chafing problem in addition to the cabin top bridle and Barney post setup.
  11. You can choose to get notifications on the threads you start at the bottom of this thread since you started it as moderator options, including deleting the thread. If it is a sweet boat to your eye and you like the aft cabin option, then go for it! The worst you can do is sail it for a while and sell it and upgrade. Life is short and you need to live it!!
  12. Catamarans deck stepped masts often sit on a socket which looks like a trailer hitch ball. They “can” become dislocated and cause damage. A sloop or Marconi rig sits solidly on the mast step-some through pinned, some not. I can’t imagine my 55’ mast jumping off its base with a thousand pound+ rig tension unless I try to go under a low bridge…
  13. If it isn’t a year round home, then the 30’ is more than spacious enough for cruising weeks at a time with no problem. Now call that broker and get your boat sold!
  14. There is also video shot from the tourist boat that day. Can’t remember the sailboat’s name to YouTube it…
  15. Bonk! The boats were outside of the course boundaries…nope!!
  16. I have a 70 year old ocean racer with a deck stepped mast. No problem
  17. “A fisherman can build a better boat than a carpenter..” Truer words were never spoken
  18. Sell the boat and get a new boat in FL that can avoid the bottom.
  19. I did 110 mph for 30 miles on the NJ Parkway with my 90 year old Dad in his ‘73 Mercedes last year so he could enjoy the thrill he enjoyed as a young man with us kids as passengers. I don’t think you could do that in many other countries. Not that it was legal, but it was awesome! Freedom!!
  20. Or, if you’ve done all you can to improve your boat, you need a new boat…
  21. If you don’t have any vision for improving your boat, you need another boat, according to my good friend Yotguy!
  22. Plus, we can’t drive in K/PH
  23. Nobody I know would actually leave the US for Canada. A beautiful country, but way too different from America to make it a feasible home for most of the people I know.
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