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  1. Poor guy... should have bought a smaller boat Midwesterners always blame the trailer
  2. We have spring peepers in the swamp across the street from us. But with the cold weather they’ve been quiet for this time of year
  3. You are right. However, for the price, you have a basic Rozinante project to bring back from the depths of hell with a sawzall and the original set of plans. It would be in my shop at that price. There are none on the East Coast in any similar condition or price point
  4. https://kpr.craigslist.org/boa/d/sailboat/6488746242.html
  5. I was hoping that was the 8 hour cricket marathon and not just the trailer..
  6. Your going to be the 9 toed havingest limpin bitch in Harlem if you don’t stop fucking with me! Now put away the razor
  7. I’ll give him 20 more minutes. But that’s it!
  8. So that’s what you call a Ken Miller design,huh? Wow
  9. https://annapolis.craigslist.org/wan/d/family-looking-for-sailboat/6520246984.html Please contact Jared
  10. Sparkman and Stephens did a few woodies with the helm forward as well
  11. I hope it makes it all the way east so I can check it out!
  12. Moving down the road. Had to raise my home this year and went way up to dig out the old foundation
  13. Uncle Ron worked at US Steel. He always drove a Buick so that ain’t him
  14. I get horny! Horny , horny, horny! i love it!!
  15. Thanks for the info, very unique looking with sloop rig.
  16. It might float after all with all that kiln dried dugfir!
  17. I’m not sure if that one works for me. It was designed as a camp cruiser and does it well and the price is reasonable...
  18. That AMF would do well as a beer can killer. Rates well and fun to sail. A local Olympic sailor bought one from our esteemed rule beater before I knew about it...
  19. Drugs can make you do some weird stuff. Not as weird as an angry woman, apparently
  20. More twin outboards https://longisland.craigslist.org/boa/d/novella-solar-sailboat/6496198375.html All voyages successfully completed! your turn!!!
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