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  1. Random got flicked because he was a total Dick, non stop.
  2. He rode Bob Perry so hard and said he owned him that I finally had to hunt him down. Found him up the PNW and let BP know who he was. He was a loser and I won’t post his name, but he emailed me an my response was Aces High! He took his shit and bolted. Looked like the guy from the movie UP!
  3. I let my friend drive my Penn Yann tunnel drive powerboat back in 200ish. Drew 6” on a plane and 18” off. I said “don’t go near those swan by the northeast side of the bridge to Seaside” as I ducked into the little cuddy to get some beers at 30 knots. I rooted around for his favorite beer. By the time I stood back up, we were headed right at them when I saw their black legs holding them up. My buddy went to pull back on the throttle and I pulled him off the helm and gunned it harder. You could hear the propeller chewing River pebbles as we rode past. Got back to 2’ depth and let him drive a
  4. Welcome aboard! @unShirleyMy Dad is still around at 90 and when we sailed together you could hear him all the way down bay! Even if we were in the lead by a mile with 20’ to the finish line. Everyone had a good laugh though! Those were the days
  5. Good to hear! I sailed with my Dad for years and we won many races. Sometimes we argued like you guys, but we knew what we were doing and really wanted to do better in the race. However, he didn’t like to sail for recreation and I hope you guys enjoy your time together. Please only post a video of your best performance, my eyes are going to take some time to heal. I’ll post a video below that shows how to be a real sailor. Many of the regulars here are familiar with it and should skip it, but it is important to watch. Then you will be like us. We’ve all been there.
  6. They are solid boats with a lot of cockpit space since the benches are stick built teak or mahogany. The full keel and attached rudder will help keep crab pots from anchoring you and the shallow draft makes gunkholing easy. A Cape Dory Typhoon has a fiberglass molded cockpit and benches with storage lazarette a but not much legroom to stretch out, but there seem to be more of them available than the Corinthians.
  7. Mate appears to have hove to whether the Captain approves or not and is a stubborn little bastard to boot! At least he will get his tea. If it were me, it would be rum and the lash for you! In all, that video is tough to watch since you don’t have the patience to listen or follow direction. You have youth on your side so that may change, but you might wind up giving your Captain a stress related heart attack. pS, the Captain wanted both sails on the same side of the boat the way everyone else sails.
  8. “You’re shouting at me!” “I’m not! I’m telling what to do” Meanwhile, the Captain is belowdecks preparing tea and the mate appears to be preparing to heave to against the Captain’s command.
  9. We had them, but we aren’t in big, open water. I told him that if he falls over board to stand up and I’d come back and get him. Solo sailing should always have aPFD.
  10. After 3 weeks of 15 knots out of the East and no sun, the calm and fog are as welcome as the new stray cat. Somehow it climbed the swim platform ladder here on the hard and invited himself aboard.
  11. I hope he has the patience to endure this leg.
  12. I think we have switched weather pattern!! My new boat mate. 2 teeth and all hugs. Ain’t my old dog, but you need a pet…
  13. Good luck and have fun with it!
  14. Hmm, I recall typing the word fog in that post…my bad. Either way, come get your fog outta here!
  15. This has been on Cooper Capital Salvage for a while as a liquidation sale. I can’t believe this hasn’t sold to a discerning yachtsman
  16. They can handle the salty air along the coastlines for sure! The J/22 went to Muskegon Michigan and the new owner was amazed at the surface rust. They don’t have that problem in the Lakes. They also have less than a hundred boats for sale out there, so they’re stuck looking to the coasts for inventory. That’s a first!
  17. Kris, if you don’t mind, would you please take your dog back? Now that the temp has broken 60 and raining, it’s making the Jersey coast look moody after 2 weeks of wind and cold.
  18. That’s a healthy portion for a growing young lady! She probably had seconds!!! My 13 and 11 year old girls can put some food away and not gain a pound. Especially mac&cheese and mashed potatoes. Older one will steal the roast or Turkey off the counter like a dog if you’re not careful around her! @chester Have fun with that cutie pie!
  19. Triad builds one design trailers. Give them a call or check out their website. They can probably give you the correct specs.
  20. The spin cycle threw the harmonic balance of the copter out of phase and the pilot lost control of the cyclic. You should only hand wash at altitude.
  21. A stolen washing machine…the Russians call it prizes of war.
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