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  1. I showed him how to bend on the sails and he took to the helm like a true yachtsman! He said he thinks he can sail it by himself now and think he’s right!!!
  2. Also the reason so many companies went belly up or were bought out by the competition after reputation damage. Management couldn’t satisfy customers and they went elsewhere after hearing of chronic problems with building and customer relations.
  3. The boat buying advice I took to heart was “Don’t buy a Monday or Friday built boat.” Those are the days where the worker’s hearts weren’t into their work and the mistakes made.
  4. How’s that for a sailing adventure?! Going to be a good time!
  5. 2 good points! I explained how the Vang will keep the shape of the mainsail proper especially off the wind and he’s going to run his jib halyard the way the main halyard is( and is in your pic ). +1 on removing the mast cleats.
  6. He didn’t even mention the damned sails. All he did was relive some glory days and report on Ryan Finn’s accomplishments.
  7. We’ll be out before the weekend is over and you’ll get the feel of it and maybe you’ll even regret that post!
  8. I was surprised when I heard it.Since it’s an unlimited class there must be multiple ways to depower it and still have great speed in a breeze. They can capsize spectacularly.
  9. E scows don’t go out if it’s blowing over 15 around these waters. The 5.5 I crew on eats it up in 12-18.
  10. This visual is eyesore blue and ugly too.
  11. I didn’t know Bavaria did that. I’m aware that many powerboat manufacturers float test them due to outdrive bellows and intakes, so it would make sense.
  12. I wish you luck, you have some big aspirations, so don’t give up looking for a ride. Some groups that have possession of large sailboats and tall ships will take a teenager aboard for volunteer apprentice programs.
  13. Alright Canadians! Don’t disgrace your uniforms! Join the Yanks!!
  14. I was thinking of Melges when I read this post. Great boats and the way they build and oversee their production is excellent. The production facility is a little dusty, but the people and the product are solid professional.
  15. The vaccu flush system works well, no smell. Just remember to double flush a number 2, sometimes a bit of your last performance might not make it all the way to the tank and surprise you when you lift the seat cover…
  16. New club drink “Bartender, another Fox on the Rocks!”
  17. I hear your pain. 20 years ago Polar boats were being delivered that had so many problems that you had to take the decks off to repair shoddy workmanship. The dealer finally stopped selling them because it took weeks after delivery to repair and commission them, costing the customer time on the water and the manufacture money. I saw 3 new 50’+ Beneteau’s that have been recently delivered to the dealer in Muskegon, Michigan. I hope those boats are better fitted out for commissioning. There’s about $1.9 million sitting in those cradles.
  18. I do boat deliveries when I’m not repairing boats. That Seascape would have been repaired in 2 hours if I were there, regardless of the problem with the dealer or company. Time to quit banging on me in this thread and congratulations on being the first in China, nice boat!
  19. Launch has been delayed by the yard. Am not amused But I still stalk
  20. You need stepping’ on, Breed
  21. Call the insurance company and have an adjuster make the call. That’s how it’s done.
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