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  1. 72 years young. Covid got them both
  2. Hmmm, electric went out around 10 am and overnighting in a house. Shoveled off about 3” myself if
  3. Delivered! Thanks for the Pro Tech shirts, they are really well made! You’re the best!!!
  4. Except that when I saw him in 2016, he sang it an octave higher. He has age a hundred years. Red was finally playing lead guitar on tour…
  5. Thread drift over! I’d like to replace the aft deck mounted traveller with just a bridle
  6. It was a short Barney post base and the boat had zero leg room, so I removed the sole and it made things much better but made the headknocker necessary since there’s nothing to attach a base to. And yes, the bottom is solid enough to stand on in the water and on the trailer. Also left the keel sump, I didn’t want to tear the bottom off…
  7. ^ The ensign sails with a “head knocker” ratcheting Oxen block hanging from the boom. That’s how I setup my daysailor after I bought it from the Yotguy. I removed the Barney post he installed so I’d have a wide open cockpit.
  8. My friend Yotguy does this to all his boats and it worked out well each time. He still won the Beercan series every year with each new boat. I removed the traveller on his Ranger 22 and he installed a tall Barney post so he wouldn’t keep banging his shins on the traveller. It’s worth it. These have aft travelers, you would just need to create a simple bridle system.
  9. ^^This! We were out there for a National regatta a couple of times including this time when Houston Yacht Club got wiped out-we were staying there… Ugly Hurricane coming and the race committee had us go out like fools that they were. We finally retired while they waited for the wind to settle in one direction with massive lightning strikes. The shrimpers were saying the same exact thing on the vhf. We got to the boat lift first, hauled the boat and took off for home. The yacht club was wrecked that night. Glad we didn’t stay there!
  10. Remove traveller, install Barney post in the cockpit sole for the mainsheet and go sailing.
  11. After this morning, I think I’d like to try a bidet rather than the composting head. Shower water is winterized…
  12. Pesky main problems. I occasionally had to help the main through. A flicker would have eliminated that but I was talked out of it for good reason. The droopy boom that resulted from the main cut helped tension the roach through the tack.
  13. That’s because it’s a Santana 20. Its our Santana20
  14. Had considered bagging the backstay and going with aft swept spreaders, but got talked out of it by my Yotguy since it would hinder the main going way out in PHRF. We don’t do many spinnaker races during the season.
  15. That’s when you make a crane and flicker…no spreaders on that boat so the main can get out well. I got talked into turbo’ing my Ensign a few years back with a max roach, loose footed mainsail. I had to extend the masthead aft 1foot with an aluminum crane so the roach would just clear the backstay without help.
  16. How do you dry your lower parts when the water is done spraying? Just sit and drip dry or is there a heated fan on these bidets?
  17. I hear you about the sails! They make about as much sense as black sails. Full battens???Wtf
  18. Got my order in with 2 other closeout long sleeve tees. Didn’t even pick colors so I get what I get! Surprise me!
  19. Racing the Ensign in a blow we’re all hiking hard when our railmeat loses his fake leg and it slides down under the leeward bench. We keep sailing and I look back and see absolute shock and horror on the face of the new crew member. We forgot to tell her ahead of time that he was an amputee(above the knee) and that it happened all the time…I had a good hard laugh as she was processing what was happening. She now has her 100 ton license and is a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy operating tugboats and piloting ships.
  20. I have to get the Foredeck Union long sleeve tee shirt. It pretty much sums up the life of the foredeck guy..
  21. Yep, he needs to HTFU! Seriously though, a great web site and good selection. Sail4beer will be making a purchase before prices skyrocket!
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