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  1. I got this Easy life neck light. Goes around the neck, has 2 adjustable led lights and really makes it easy to work with. Beats the hell out of those headband lights.
  2. I just can’t see shooting myself in the ass with water. I wouldn’t trust the first fart to be dry.
  3. Safety add ons..I took mine off since I don’t sail it in the Atlantic Ocean. If I go offshore I get are required. Plus, with a 10’ beam you could hardly make it down the side decks.
  4. The only ugly, non-sailing boat that came from the builder near the end. It’s also not a Phil Rhodes design. Don’t bother yourself with it.
  5. The off-season is the new term for the forward head. The term comes from the smell..
  6. Looks like they dipped it in Flexseal!
  7. That will look nice and balanced once it’s rigged
  8. The traditional leather wheel cover can last decades if it is properly covered after use and stored below in the off season
  9. I like Semco the best. I use the golden tan or whatever the non-clear is called. The color lasts for a season and is easy to apply, even on a deck as large as yours.
  10. Since you must carry insurance and unless all of your divers are subcontractors and take some considerable risk in your line of work, it would be completely understandable to start off new clients with some form of signed contract and a deposit of at least the standard price for cleaning-not an abused hull restoration- and that way you will be protecting yourself from a future new worst client. Don’t bother with your existing, satisfied customers since they are solid payers.
  11. Had a great morning with the daughters and ex and am presently at the yacht club enjoying the view with a cold beer in hand. Merry Christmas to all the crew!
  12. Must have been a turbulent ride!
  13. Both posts are so true so true!!
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