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  1. Probably do just fine in about any conditions. Weird look doesn’t spell doom.
  2. All rigged and tuned for launch day! We are going to sail that boat…and then let you loose on your own This is your home port with your marina across from me in the second pic and the river that’s going to teach you the skills to sail the world. This month we tackle the River, next month you tackle the Bay and report back.
  3. That’s the Royal Cabin Boy back there awaiting his Master’s most intimate command…
  4. I’m glad you had it repaired. I wish I could have climbed in there when the boat was launched and found the water ingress, it would have been immediately repaired. Have fun with it and don’t think I’m trying to insult you, I think you got hung out on this one and it’s not your fault.
  5. I’m talking about the fact that this small leak was discussed last year and is back online. A leak is usually very easy to detect and repair. Especially in a 27’ boat with no bilge and only a propeller shaft, keel slot and bilge pump as points of entry. I’m not trying to make this a shitfight, it’s just that Beneteau builds lots of boats and the boat couldn’t be returned to France to inspection or repair. I almost bought a 27 last year…
  6. I forgot to pre empt with this point. The boat apparently floated and there was a leak and pulled. I don’t think it was a salvage effort.
  7. Yo! We’ve been this whole East West problem many times before. This is a worthless thread about a minor shaft post repair. I can’t imagine that the high quality Fareast28R I had was tank tested. Chinese built, proven quality. Now, if you put that asset in a container and ship it X thousands of miles to its destination and there is some impact type damage, is it FAREAST’s problem, or a shipping/ insurance claim? I would bet on the shipper to be the damage claimant
  8. @Sail4beerloved the possibilities! Heartimojis etc
  9. It had a small leak in one of 2 rudder posts. Could have been damage in handling. A great boat that is being denigrated by this thread. The other thread fizzled too.
  10. I will add that many powerboat manufacturers tank test boats since they have outdrive systems, etc. With the average production sailboat, are you going to pay for your boat to float in the factory tub? Nope
  11. How come nobody in the whole country could find and fix a leaky rudder shaft on a brand new imported 27’ sportboat? I successfully repaired and sold a 28’ Fareast28R and it’s in the hands of a new eager racer.
  12. Good for you guys! I wanted to develop an 18’ electric launch back when we were just guys on the Yahoo electric motor group, but I was young and not very mathematically inclined. Can’t wait to take the survey and see what you guys(and girls) can do!
  13. Come on now, nobody would float test a boat. What is this, 1933 and we have to soak up the planks and see if the seams have taken up?. I’d feel like an ijit galoot if I built fiberglass boats and had to float test every one to make sure my crew didn’t miss anything.
  14. New boats and commisions always have a shakedown cruise to look for any problems. It is common practice. You found your problem, however, and the repair has been done properly and can now be used. It was a really simple problem. That said, Beneteau could have tried to get you to a repair yard in China long ago.
  15. Besides that a couple of grand bites into profit and that boat manufacturers don’t build with expiration dates, Beneteau may have shipped a boat with a problem, but Q has zero knowledge of boat repair and if the boat had been in Europe, it would have been an easy repair.
  16. Production boats are most often NOT constructed by people familiar with sailing or any marine environment. If the boat were still in France, your warranty may be valid and the company would hire an artisan like me to subcontract an easy repair based on the problem described. Delivered to China, the warranty is void by a couple thousand miles.
  17. I had a boat built in China and it had some damage including the stanchions. I was told that the company didn’t really know how to sell parts or offer a repair warranty. I understand that they are in a “new” industry. A bad Beneteau would be hard to repair in China unless you know someone who works in a boat building factory.
  18. Don’t know the exact problem that causes the water ingress, but hiring a private boat marine artisan, AKA repair guy like me for an option, could have saved you delay. Once a boat is sold, it is a headache for many dealers. An outside opinion is invaluable in the marine industry…that said, I’m glad your main problem is resolved.
  19. We have E Scows around here that are the fastest boats on the bay.
  20. I think he means that it is a Herreshoff design. I have a Cape Cod Gauntlet, built by Cape Cod Shipbuilding. The boat is a Herreshoff design. Herreshoff Manufacturing Company sold all their rights to CCS when they shuttered the business. I’m asked what it is and I answer “It’s a Herreshoff design built by Cape Cod. That’s the way the owner should describe that very nice B&G beauty.
  21. @pironiero Welcome back! I like the U berth forward, lots of room and one buoyant bow design!
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