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  1. Why would you endanger an Anarchist? Are you as mad as douG?
  2. I’ll take either one, but I’m not coming back!
  3. Could be a Flatfish. Joel White’s take on the 20’ Hereshoff Fish class. Here’s a Flatfish and a Hereshoff Fish class
  4. boo boos are always way more expensive in the boat owner’s eyes and your $300,000 coverage for their $500 deductible cost for a possible several thousand dollar repair shouldn’t make you pay $$$$ for a policy. Bad wording, but you get the idea. Now get policy hunting!
  5. I’d caulk those seams! Looks like a Joel White 23’
  6. Oh yeah, and request quotes from several agencies. I use Geico through BOATUS, but their prices have risen. Allstate and Progressive might have better rates now. Gowry insurance is another to contact.
  7. Won’t cost much and covers your ass if your boat causes a boo boo to some rich guy’s boat. Probably $150-$250 for the year tops.
  8. I’m glad for our side that they didn’t agree to sell land to China or allow them to build a naval port.
  9. I never saw that boat on the TomsRiver, and I’m on it a lot. Too bad for the owner
  10. That took long enough !!! you made my day
  11. Mercury 8 long shaft would push that boat up a waterfall.
  12. I remember driving across the 7 mile bridge towards Key West in the 90’s and saw one coming in, turn and come my way before passing overhead. I was sure I was either going to die or read about a Cuban defector the next day. Turned out some average Joe had bought and restored it and flew regularly out of Marathon airport. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure the Key West Naval Air Station would have shattered that aircraft before it ever made landfall, but I have to give credit to the USSR for a formidable jet for its day. MIG-15
  13. I saw that on another thread and said “Wow, a Hinckley with a bright transom!”
  14. I have a pic of me somewhere in a dinghy varnishing the transom. I thought it looked nice. Sailed with Olin in July of that year on Marilee after it’s 2000-2001 restoration. He was a nice, unassuming man.
  15. I didn’t think I was too harsh. Just pointing out that we are taking about the military and others have actually called him a Russian sympathizer, which I think is a personal attack.
  16. 4 hours ago, Rain Man said: Estonia and Latvia are NATO countries and already border Russia. Why hasn't Putin attacked them? Jackett’s reply “He didn't exactly seem happy about Estonia and Latvia. Ukraine may have been the straw that broke the camels back.” Unfortunately Jackett, he decided to invade a sovereign country thinking they would fall alone.the West has other plans for Ukraine, obviously. It will become a NATO country now and the money used to rebuild will come from Russian assets frozen in western banks. Your nuclear Mexico theory wa
  17. They must have a huge stockpile since they want to envelop the Eastern part of Ukraine to make a land base for invading Moldova and then on to Europe, according to military planners.
  18. Re-read your last sentence and think about it. Why wouldn’t they do that already? Answer. It’s easier to buy stuff from us thinking we as allies, would ever cut him off from the parts he uses. Now that there are sanctions flying, Xi has declined to help Putin out with any assistance and it’s doubtful they will start mass producing parts that aren’t paid for up front in useable currency.
  19. And you didn’t take any pics?
  20. Congratulation Ryan! You have proven that the Pacific Proa can take a huge pounding and survive. Take a long, hot shower and get a good night’s rest!! A lot has happened since you left that you’ll have to catch up on. Big nod to Russell Brown on the design
  21. Man, I wish I didn’t sell my spare Westerbeke a couple of years ago. I still can’t get anyone to rebuild my Yanmar since my old mechanic died thanks to “covid, no help, check back next month”…and it’s almost launch time. Guess I’m going motorless again this season. Time to pull the propellor and pray for a mid season haul to install something that can push 23,500lbs uphill. I like the information this thread is producing.
  22. Can’t remember, but it seemed as if the ship just had some large conventional warheads to pound cities.
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