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  1. I’m still laughing …and I heard that there were no nuclear warheads on the ship.
  2. Worked on it! It is absolutely beautiful belowdecks.
  3. I’d like your thoughts on Random being flicked again.
  4. ..Was he running it dry…FIFY
  5. It was Dick Cheney calling the shot back then. He had to get his company making money somehow. W was a mere puppet. Putin wants the East for its natural resources
  6. So why is he still in prison and why did he rape someone? Does it have any connection to Russia, the country who is invading and massacring thousands of non Combatants?
  7. You quote a future world leader who carried arms, fought and killed enemy soldiers and you equate a quote he made 25 years before he led his country to a narrow victory over German invaders to Putin and his invasion of Ukraine? Wow!
  8. Yeah, let’s go back and start a 2003 shitfight. How about you calling Putin and telling him he’s wrong? Eh?
  9. Exactly. There are people who want to point out past horrid digressions to make countries capitulate. I don’t think that this country Ukraine should have to endure the same abuse for another’s dream.
  10. However, if the numbers are somewhat accurate, 20,000 or 10% of that number has been achieved in just 50 odd days of conventional war against the Russian side and whatever the toll on Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. Sparu, why would I expect one Russian to do anything? They gave every opportunity to have a successful nation to one man who took over and subjugated them once again. When they started to understand, just a little bit and start to cry out in March, the Russian FSB beat and arrested them. Who the hell would say anything after that?!
  11. Why not ask me? I may not be all you would like me to be, but I am addressing the overly abusive nature of Random, perhaps in a crude manner. I say one rude thing and you are all up in arms? Have you ever taken him to task for his behavior? He has been terrible for years. Me?, a few times. I think your work is impeccable, I wish you the best. I’m sorry that I’m speaking my mind and it is offensive to you. Sparu, I hate to say it, but the US military has it’s military odometer spinning from Iraq to Iran if things don’t improve. Ukraine is just obscuring that. I apolog
  12. Nah, he just slaps the shit out of every cheek he can and it has nothing to do with this thread. I didn’t advocate any oversea adventure from our government and this is not the forum thread for it. There’s probably one in PA, so sorry I have honest opinions about how I feel and it won’t change. The violent response thing is purely digital baby punches, you must get that part. I do t advocate anyone actually doing that, but Randumb must have visualized it and it gives me a chuckle inside. “No Dingo was harmed in the previous post.”
  13. And that’s one of them Ad Hominem attacks too, for the sensitive types.
  14. Reported Randumb-AGAIN! I hope the moderators flick him for just being the usual unnecessary prick. I remember the rules being no pedo, not too much scatology and that the mods can flick you arbitrarily. It’s up to them, but I’d love to see Randumb gone for good. You’re not even worth fighting with, but you are worth reporting again. Hope you get major demerits. If I lived I Australia, I’d come over and piss on your shrubs while you were planting them. And I’d kick your dingo while he’s humping your leg.
  15. I don’t suck anything up like you, Cp’n Paranoid Delusions. The official estimate of Ukrainian losses is around 5,000 so far. That’s a shot load of dead bodies in a month. They are fighting a defensive war in familiar territory so they have some advantage. Don’t worry about the many thousands of civilians decimated and I don’t trust those numbers myself from either side. HOWEVER, based on the amount of visual evidence of mass destruction of Russian military equipment and dead Ruskies laying dead on roadsides in their blown up uniforms that the toll on the bad guys side is pretty da
  16. It sure beats hitting a submerged object with a rusty old cast iron keel!
  17. Or better yet, don’t ground out!
  18. They still know how to ride them! Saw videos a few years back of the government recycling millions of unused rental bikes. They don’t remember their history
  19. 21.1 % isn’t quite almost everything we use here. NAFTA is the reason the percentage is so high Also, China hasn’t invaded Taiwan yet, so if they decide to, perhaps the world will sanction them before a shot is fired and they won’t need to feel the economic squeeze and isolation from the western alliance and economy. Their choice
  20. That’s why your country is building a multi billion dollar nuclear powered sub? Your country feels threatened by someone? Could it be the US? Or maybe China and Russia…
  21. This is also the “I wonder how many times the prick can get flicked and crawl back under the door” thread for Randumb.
  22. Jarvis Newman Friendship schooner. The only Ralph Stanley designed rig, the rest were sloops. Jarvis found the original 1900’s wooden sloop rotting in a cradle near his shop in Maine in the ‘70’s, patched the big holes, launched and towed it to his yard with trash pumps running hard. Rebuilt the boat and popped a mold off of it to produce a number of friendship sloops. I read about these hulls in the Time Life Classic Boat series when I was a kid. Present owner is going to learn how to sail this summer with help from the PO…retirement dream. I’ll help if he needs it
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