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  1. It’s not subtle. He should disclose the constant bias.
  2. Ripping with wood is better than Sailing with a Hard on.
  3. I like this. Pull the pin on the grenade and gentle roll it onto the lawn.
  4. Always enjoyed competing against Claddagh and Leo, Jr., throughout the Northeast but especially in Marblehead. I have the highest respect for his sportsmanship and ability as evidenced by his outstanding accomplishments. Thanks for the friendship. Sail On.
  5. I did that event twice. Upwind, Stay out of the middle. Also, Stay out of the room. If you are dragged into the room, bring your midshipman with you.
  6. I wondered what would happen with this issue. If the unit was intentionally turned off, I suspect Wild Oats will not be happy with the outcome of this protest.
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