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  1. Had a sail on the prototype at the FD worlds in South Australia back in the early 90s. I think Mader had sent it over in the Europeans container to try and generate some interest . The FD is already a little on the heavy side and with all the modifications this was a bit heavier again . It was fun to have a sail on but it wasn't spectacular.
  2. Not available for a long time now but Ronstan put a game out called wind shifts. Still have it and drag it out of the cuboard occasionally. Must of had it for close to 40 years and still causes plenty of arguments with my son or mates.
  3. This is exactly the reason I changed back to wire traps from Dymema . Would renew the lines every season but had one fail during a nationals , cost me a good place and an expensive carbon / kevlar tiller extension . To make matters worse the trap line looked to have failed at a point that had no visible chafing or damage at around the bottom 1/3rd of it's length .
  4. Matching outfits is always frowned upon .
  5. That's disregarding anything on Boat Design posted by "The Lord".
  6. Found the site and a couple of youtube videos . Not alot of activity considering they're from 2013 .
  7. Have never seen or heard of a Shaw 4.0 At first glance I thought multihull , then saw the rig and thought unstayed singlehanded mono . Will do a search on the Shaw for interest sake .
  8. Interesting bow in the background . Any clues as to what it is ?
  9. I don't think learning in Bic's makes makes any difference going forward . Most of my sons friends from Opti's have gone directly into 29ers , 420s Lasers and Wazps with a surprising large amount achieving quite highly . I would say it's more about the amount of competition they have in their respective class's which sets them up for later . A
  10. Nothing to see here . Move along please !
  11. As much as I hate Opti's I put my son in one for the duration and have got to admit when his time was done in them the skills he learnt was quite impressive . Where as I like the concept of the Bic which is particulary easy for families from a non sailing background to deal with, I watched my brothers slightly older son do his time in a Bic and basically spent most of his time trying not to slip out of it . Being a relatively narrow boat ,after 2 seasons my Nephew had outgrown the boat . It was like he needed footstraps on the leeward side. Weather boats had anything to do with
  12. After spending way to long following Opti's around the best RIB i've seen is the VSR 5.8C. It has the deep fore foot which stops it being blown around when stationary , cuts through chop like a knife and still seems to have a good turning circle at slow speeds . It is pretty small internally for a 19' boat but it's not made to go Whale watching with the masses onboard.
  13. Probably hides all the wood rot quite nicely gudgeing by the exposed verticle edge .
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