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  1. The kids sailing the Zests are mostly middle school with a few 10~11 year olds mixed in. They do sail them 2 up most of the time.
  2. Don't under estimate the value of a kick up centerboard for a boat that will be sailed by kids. In Boston one Summer camp replaced roughly 20 aging Sunfish with RS Zest models. Our club somehow ended up with 6 of those old leaky Sunfish. I know this because I somehow got drafted into fixing the leaks in those Sunfish. Since then I have done major fiberglass surgery on ALL of them at least twice. Yesterday I heard one of them sheared the dagger board clean off on a rock right next to a 55 gallon rock marker with a giant red letter "R" on it. The shredded hull had to be towed back by motor
  3. 14~16 good white caps start 18~20 the tops blow off the white caps.
  4. Bobsled@1, if you pass through the Boston area on your way up there you are welcome to try out my Flying Scot. Only in the next few weeks though, as I will probably sell it at the end of the Summer to get ready to move next year.
  5. I would also recommend a Flying Scot. Although I don't recommend doing this, I have climbed from my kayak into the Scot and back out successfully. I don't really don't agree with your statement that Tampa is a cold Northern lake environment though.
  6. One of the home brewed methods used in the Daysailor 1 fleet is cutting in a 5" port in the middle of each side tank and stuffing in as many pool noodles as you can fit to displace any water that fills the boat. If the factory foam that Gov mentioned has been removed, then a trip to the Dollar Store for pool noodles is a cheap fix.
  7. Early reports at our club are that we will not have either of the large regattas, nor will we have organized club dinners. Some things that are probable are that all weekly organized racing is also cancelled. The reasoning is we don't need to put random elderly members together on a little rescue dinghy, who would normally sail alone or with a spouse. Our head coach would like to continue some limited official racing. Sailing will continue in isolated pockets, and this is no reason 3 or 4 guys couldn't put some cans out. Opening of the club requires installing a long heavy dock. The
  8. Tractor supply sells oil based tractor paints for less than the Rustoleum marine paint that is probably the same paint. Assuming you like John Deer green, Yellow or barn red.
  9. We used to use vinyl and polyester wrap on model airplanes. They were neither durable nor long lasting. Just transporting in a car left marks and scratches. I use white lacquer in a spray can and re-apply a couple times a year as needed. It wet sands easily and smoothly, dries enough to sail it 15 minutes and can be sanded smooth without getting sticky if you get a run while spraying. My Laser center board looks nearly new, but it has several major repairs the size of golf balls. If you saw what's under the paint, you would be horrified. Powder coating is a really durable finish for
  10. After reading the description on the TLC link, they are clearly not not talking about the class that we know. " TLC is dedicated to the strict One Design Laser and maintaining low-cost accessibility to Laser sailing with regular supply and competitive prices of boats and parts"
  11. This guy just might be one of the visionaries who makes the the world a better place. He understands the true value of the lateen rig. After your mast breaks in half, just throw it overboard and jamb your boom in the deck and keep sailing.
  12. I would find a 4 cans of lacquer spray paint and spray the bottom. It doesn't matter if you don't get a perfect finish with lacquer as it sands off like butter and can be sanded it 2 hrs and not be sticky like enamel. When you are ready for gel coat, simply wet sand it off with 320 grit.
  13. I raced a nearly identical boat to the one in the OP. I always replaced my jib sheets with 25' total length. This always gave me enough to leave a 2' tail behind the stopper knot. I always ran separate and just threw the jib sheet on the seat after tacking. If you can't reach the jib sheet in a 14' boat, your hiking stick is too short. Trust me, single handing a 350 lb boat with 115 sq/ft of sail, you sometimes need to hike from the widest part of the beam as there are no trap wires. I agree with those above that said it's time to go sailing with someone that has single hand experience.
  14. I thought out ILCA Dinghy class was an olympic class. On the other hand, those WS Bermuda trips sound nice. Maybe I should apply for a Job in London. Does anybody know the college requirements needed to become a posh twat?
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