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  1. Hey guys, are any of you melbourne big boats looking for crew over winter? I am keen to get up there and do some yachting.
  2. Who else can we expect in the super 30 division?
  3. Someone has to die before the media take any notice down here. I'll just go back to watching slamball then.
  4. Alright so.. here in Australia we've got this massive multi million dollar industrie going on, with all these brand new state of the art boats, great racing all year round.. how the hell do we get some sort of media interest? I see wild oats on tv every christmas time, gotta hunt around on the internet to see some photos and maybe a few short videos but thats about it. Just something I've been thinking about...
  5. We were just across from them so I saw it all first hand. They washed it and flaked the sails. The crew went to the Customshouse and drank quite a lot of rum. lol nice.
  6. http://www.docklandsinvitational.com/news/...ngle.asp?ID=208 dammit giddy up u got the model!!!!
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