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  1. The lump on the keel was an addition after she was sold. Quite a few peple have told me about the boat sitting on 20+ knots down the river so the boat could fly in the right conditions. It was sold and out of the state before my time


    She was a 40 footer with a plum bow open stern and fin keel so some parts were well ahead of her time.

    When it was first built the rig fell straight off it due to a design fault but it did some very hard long offshore races - and won them.


    ok i gotta see a photo of this thing

  2. QT,


    How is the Rogers expected to go against the existing boats (e.g. XLR8 which is now a swept back RP46 version, and the upgraded "Dolly") and the new "Cougar TP52" ? The mail from UK is that they struggle to sail to their rating, but there could be differences between what's over there and Shogun.


    I hope she goes well. Do you have any pictures of the boat?


    Also, does anyone have an update on the porgress of the new Flirt and Chutzpah? The Corby website shows a deck mould from a while back and the Hart website has nothing. I assume the RP is be a downhill favoured design, but what about the Corby?




    it is different to the uk boats with a prodder setup and different backstay. have to wait and see how we go against those other guys.

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