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  1. Not worth reading IMO but here you go: A Team New Zealand rival says they have serious concerns about the future of the America's Cup, suggesting it should be held in different countries every three years to improve the "viability" of the event. The New York Yacht Club, which has successfully defended the Auld Mug 25 times in its history, has submitted a challenge for the next America's Cup in 2024 while also releasing a draft proposal for the event. The proposal of taking the event to different countries comes after it was revealed earlier this year Team New Zealand was looking
  2. AC35 ETNZ started on -1 as a result of Oracle winning the qualifying regatta. So ETNZ had to win 8 races.
  3. Can anyone (especially those from Italy, UK or USA) remind me who won the America's Cup this year?
  4. I think this was one of the main reasons USA held on to the cup for so long. A number of quality teams honing their skills and increasing their boat speed with the fastest defending the Cup. Without a defender series, a defender is at a massive disadvantage of lack of racing which is why Oracle joined in on the challenger series in Bermuda. I am sure whatever format is decided on, ETNZ will have a lot more pre-Cup racing this time.
  5. Agreed. In some ways they were more like Oracle in 2013. Also, if they had been a challenger this time round and had the benefit of more sailing etc, the score line in the AC would have been a repeat of Bermuda.
  6. No it doesn't and I didn't say it did. I agree that it is unacceptable. I don't think that ETNZ/INEOS wanting the class of boat to be consistent for a couple of cycles is a way of ETNZ keeping the cup. It is more beneficial to challenges for the class to be consistent rather than the defender. Which is one of the reasons why, although I don't think ETNZ should have made it a condition of entry, I think all challengers will agree. They can still host the Cup where they want and make the format whatever they want, they just have to keep the class.
  7. I see there is still discussion about ETNZ's 'requirement' for teams to agree to the class of boat for next 2 cycles. Rightly most people disagree with the 'requirement' part of their protocol. Comparison is made to Oracle's attempt in 2017 and that hypocritically ETNZ wouldn't agree to that. What most people forget is that Oracle was wanting more than just an agreement on the class of boat. The agreement reached with all teams apart from ETNZ is set out below. This wasn't being forced on ETNZ - but also, it was a far far greater and wide-reaching framework. The America’s Cup will
  8. I have been giving a lot of thought to whether the condition of agreeing to the AC75 for 2 cycles is in breach of the DoG and my view is: 1. The material terms of the DoG are: a. After a Cup cycle has concluded, any suitable yacht club can lodge a challenge provided they are first in; b. If it comes from a suitable club then the defender has to accept it. c. The parties then either mutually agree on terms or if they can't agree then the DoG sets out what happens. The key here is that the Defender doesn't decide. The Defender and CoR decide mutually.
  9. There’s a case to be made for AM that they were fast and maybe they could have developed better without the capsize but not Ineos - Ineos were clearly slower in all conditions. The reality is LR made a massive leap in performance after the RRs and it’s a joke and insulting to say they weren’t the best challenger. Were it not for some bad luck and a few mistakes they would have won the AC or at least come extremely close.
  10. It's not clear that that is the meaning of the penultimate paragraph. Arguably, because it says "... during the holding thereof by it" it's obligation to ensure compliance only applies while it is the holder. Interestingly there are further sentences after the one you quoted which then appear to transfer everything over to the new holder ("and that it will assign transfer and deliver the said Cup to the foreign yacht Club whose representative yacht shall have won the same in accordance with the foregoing terms and conditions, provided the said foreign Club shall by instrument in writing lawf
  11. Does it really matter? All teams at AC36 loved the AC75s. I suspect no other teams will have an issue with it as they know it is a great class. Quite likely if they get push back from a team wanting to enter they will pull the condition. It think they've put it in there as they expected everyone will agree. Remember that pre-Bermuda noone had any real idea whether the boats would work or not. Also, more importantly they were asking teams to agree to not only the class of boat but how the competitions would run (frequency etc) - I can't remember the details but it was pretty comprehensive
  12. Remember that we actually don't know what the 'current behaviour' is yet. Nothing has been decided. I still maintain that it is simply a negotiating tactic to make sure the NZ Govt and Auckland City Council realise that if they want the AC in Auckland they will need to pay a lot. We will also see a new sponsor step in to fill Emirates shoes - or maybe they will front up again. ETNZ are a great brand to be associated with. Surely it can't be that hard for GD to find a replacement or 2 in the next few months if he needs to. I don't think we will see a DoG match in the UK. The actu
  13. That was my thinking too but I think they threw everything at it even back before semi w American Magic. My guess is they were hoping to win the PC and then throw their mods etc on but it didn’t work out that way...
  14. Rightly or wrongly I have faith that when the actual rules etc come out ETNZ/GD won’t be shitting over the AC
  15. It’s pretty hard to see their condition being anything other than in breach of the DoG and surely they will know that. So maybe their plan is to put it in their and see if anyone objects... if Noone does )which is possible because teams may see that it is a great boat and good to give it another couple of cycles) then it works. If not they pull that condition out.
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