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  1. Whether or not he had a gun should be irrelevant. Was the cops safety at risk should be the determining factor. Cops don't get to be judge and executioner.
  2. This is reality of professional sport. Giles Scott (probably the2nd best fin sailor at the time missed out on an Olympic spot because he was a POM and behind BA. What about all the professional footballers that miss out on World Cups etc? Come from a small footballing nation as a semi pro and you could be in the WC if your country qualifies while some of the top players in the world miss out. That's life. There are plenty of alternatives outside of the AC for professionals.
  3. What about a beat to the finish? There is always an extension by the leading boat when they round the top mark. This is never recovered all things being equal in a run to the finish. By having the finish at the top the finish D will generally be less than it was at the bottom mark. It would force the leader to be more conservative on the last leg if its tight and could encourage more tacking duels or even a potential flyer that could make it interesting.
  4. so its the security forces fault because they they didnt stop the rioters from storming the building? I assume you take the same approach to property crime in you neighborhood? It's the property owner's fault because they didn't secure their property well enough.
  5. As a former F15 sailor I can tell you it doesn't take a whole lot to broach especially in puffy conditions. Judging by position of the crew (oh shit!!!!!!) on the leeward boat I would say that the rudder has suddenly let go and up they went. Nowhere for 3496 to go.
  6. Hey Astro - I read the Oz (only at the weekend coz there is no other choice if I want a hard copy version) and I'm not a right winger - yet but I do spend half the time yelling at it - especially the 'Enquirer' section which is full of RW opinion pieces. Maybe I'm just a different sort of crazy!!
  7. Having non sailors on the boat is nothing new. The ability to replace crew with machinery has always around - just not permitted. Electric winches have been around for decades and could have been part of the AC if permitted. This time around there has been a conscious effort to get people on the boat and not rely of technology. This is a good thing. High end motor racing is the same F1 has made a conscious effort to force the drivers to drive and not rely on tech to control the car. Sports have often had specialist 'parachuted' into teams to help achieve the goal of winning a major
  8. downloaded Hola but the AC site only gives me US as a VPN site and it doesnt work there either Found NZ site and it doesnt work there either!!
  9. pretty piss poor effort considering Dalts went on how this AC was going to be for the masses etc. on free to air - which I suspect means only if you live in NZ. Foxtel in AU is hardly for the masses these days - especially as they have such a small amount of mainstream sport now.
  10. Here in Oz - planning to watch replays of todays races when I get home from work. Just tried the AmericasCup.com site and the replay is geo blocked and couldn't find it on youtube. Does anyone know where to find it or has/is anyone putting up a version here somewhere? I dont want to explore the forums too hard in order to avoid hearing about it all before I watch. Any help appreciated. Thx
  11. m = remember (just edited) I think so, but here you have senior elected officials that project an IQ from the bottom of the barrel but are in charge of running the country. Maybe they are just trying to relate to the bottom of the barrel supporters. It just doesn't make sense - or is that just the state of the Republican party these days.
  12. I watched a bit of Fox News today (as I wanted to escape reality for a bit) and caught some of Hannity and Laura Ingram. These two were going on like rabid dogs about fraud, cheating and the rest of it. Bringing in Cruz and Graham, winding them up and setting them off like wind up toys. If Trump is watching this no wonder he is making all these ridiculous claims. This is the sort of thing that leads to some of the less reasonable types taking thins into their own hands. They are even asking their viewers ot contact them with 'evidence' or suspicion of fraud. I saw a clip with one wo
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