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  1. Yeah, probably the same as when your father fucked his sister to have you.
  2. The 95 AC was great for some major shit-posting. I forget which board I was on, but myself and other Kiwis were really giving it to the Yanks.
  3. I was using Bulletin Boards for a couple of years before the web happened. Geez getting porn in those days was a real chore.
  4. Omicron runs wild, there's no stopping it. I went from not knowing anyone with covid, to everyone I know is getting covid. In Aus, we're in what they're calling a "shadow" lockdown, a voluntary lockdown where everyone is staying home, because no one wants to catch the bug. We're getting our highest infection and death rates of the whole pandemic. Our moronic leaders have really screwed the pooch. We've got significant supply chain issues, can't get RATs, the whole thing is a mess.
  5. Anyone know what the winds are like in Malaga? Is it a sailing venue of note?
  6. Omicron is running riot in Byron Bay. I live outside, so no way am I'm fucking going in there. Close friend in Byron caught covid - first person I know personally to get the virus. She's fully vaxxed, but said she felt quite ill for a while. Feeling better now.... Time for an old joke. In heaven, the Germans are the engineers, the French the cooks, and the British are the police. In hell, the French are the engineers, the British the cooks, and the Germans the police.
  7. You talk as if I know anything about who is/isn't getting vaxxed in NZ. Hint - I don't......
  8. Fair enough, but I still think 10 AC40s in the right hands would be fine, as long as the line was big enough.
  9. I posted this on Twitter and sent the maga world into a total tail spin. My notifications have been going off continuously ever since......lol
  10. Yes for about 4 weeks according to my sources in the Netherlands.
  11. These are the 530D. They're pretty quick, but you have to watch out for that diesel particulate filter. Cop parked in some long grass. The heat from the DPF set the grass on fire and totaled the car.
  12. If cash strapped ETNZ can afford two whirly birds, you'd think Lazza with his untold brazilians could afford a couple.
  13. He died of loving a brave woman too much? Almost happens to me all the time......
  14. That's a bit low rent SBD. Over this side of the ditch they've gone for the 5 series.
  15. Here's hoping Slingers is in the Cup? Not sure how, but a helmsman of his quality should be there. I'm sure GD would love to see him there.
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