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  1. Considering AIG were the dodgiest of dodgy insurance rorters, going with Ineos is probably a step up.
  2. Great win for Fiji...back to back golds for them.
  3. The Kiwi gals were doing okay in the FX before they flipped and ended up in the drink......
  4. My first interest in the AC was when Freedom defended. I think that was the match just prior to 83. I agree, I thought the 3 boat race was more interesting than the whole fleet. Bigger numbers are not always better.
  5. Unfortunately for Ineos I had to turn them down.....I'm a loyal Kiwi......
  6. Supposedly, I'm just not sure they fully paid for it. Dalts might have sued them for it? Pretty sure no foil arms were ever delivered to them. Talk was they had a partially completed hull. AM didn't win a race in the Challenger regatta. That's got to be considered a major failure when all is said and done. Terry has to carry the can for that. Not surprised he might be being eased out by the NYYC, and that they're looking elsewhere.
  7. I wonder where the assets from the last challenge will go? The boats, the simulator, and other IP. Who's paying the lease on the base in Auckland?
  8. It looks like that from the Presser. No mention of TH either. Will be curious if he's still involved going forward. Definitely looks like they've had a bit of rethink of what's required to win in boats like the AC75. Rumours around that it wasn't all harmony in that team, and that ideas from the younger guys weren't getting a look in.
  9. Contrived drama, like everything else about Gp.
  10. Yawn, they're running the Phil R filler story - again!
  11. I agree. The idea that this will attract the masses of great unwashed is delusional. Sailing has always been a niche sport, and GP isn't going to change that. Larry's indulging Russell because he can afford to.
  12. Nah, I'm a PC guy since forever......Chrome with Urban VPN extension works well.
  13. I use to use FF but got bored with it crashing all the time, and being so leaky. It's half an hour late at night with fuck all else on. Plus I get to whinge about it on here.......
  14. Chrome is the only browser I use.......
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