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  1. I'm marking your statement for later reference.
  2. The a announcement was good. Fuck Core Composites, fuck potato eyed white chokers sailing for Japan, fuck ginger sledging cocksuckers with their worn out cunts and fuck all you whining little bitches. We need: Monohulls Long races Hard sailing by men Faggot fucktard American teams with fuck all Americans and a boat made in New Zealand racing in the round robin series with constant rule changes and points carried over from a series no one gave a flying fuck about was just fucking awful. Only dumb cunts think that was good, so bring on an argument for your fragile litt
  3. Exactly. Blake was the fuckwit who pulled a gun out and didn't use it. Bang, dead, end of story. His socks got red from blood. Sad but ironic. GD may be a cantankerous cunt of a thing but, he has held fast, kept The Team going and kiwi fans celebrating here cannot do it without celebrating GD, So, stop your fucking whining or support some other team. Hauraki Gulf is the place where yachties sail. The haubour is for ferries and commuting boats.
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