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  1. I'd get a sex change and go to prison just to be trapped in a room with one of these perverts. By one of these women, I mean litterally, 1 of these women. The first girl looks like a disgusting crackhead, I'm more a fan of bikini babe strapon girl.
  2. You don't own wives in America, in America, wives own you.
  3. If my highschool teacher behaved badly I wouldn't be in this psychological mess I am in today. Words of wisdom: If it bleeds it needs. Adolescents reach physical maturtiy at age 13, the "unlucky number". However their mental maturity is a crapshoot, the vast majority of adult human beings are mentally stunted children. I do however believe that sleeping with eight year olds is crossing the lines, I say NO to pedophile preists.
  4. At times like these I wish I could own my own personal model.
  5. Also I forgot what I was supposed to say about Cleavage day. My remarks are, I am a fan of cleavage day If I am allowed to freely squeeze any cleavage I wish, as well as drink the cleavage of any random cleavage I wish. I had a traumatic childhood, and in order for mental repair I need to complete the circuit and live out the thought of having a successful female milk encounter.
  6. Do they accept freaks? This is good news to me, I did not know that you could get paid real money being an annoying childish internet mod who censors everything. If I am lucky they are going to eventually pay people for posting quality posts such as mine. Not shills, but paying people for posting genuine quality posts of higher ideals and enlightened ideas, such as my ideas. My posts are the quintessence of civilization, you might as well call me a time traveller paving the road for a better future, Donald Trump is a liar but I will truly make America Great Again.
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