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  1. Part of the imoca classes marketing insulted staysails politics is all that is going on
  2. Bigger courses, longer legs. A mix of races of about the current lengthy but with wider course and races 3-4 hours in length.
  3. The 2nd race today is going to be incredibly tense. The interview with Burling between the races yesterday was tough watching with all the nerves on display
  4. looked to be feeling the pressure. a little different at home compared to last time
  5. The start and the first two legs were ridiculously entertaining. Watching with two novices who have never raced and they were transfixed
  6. if it's anything like the end of lockdown here people are probably drinking pretty heavily
  7. complaining live tv coverage of sailing isn't perfect is better than complaining public health restrictions aren't communicated perfectly
  8. The ETNZ press operation is something the Trump campaign would be impressed by. Leak some self-aggrandizing bullshit like you have a 3kt advantage to some well placed people in the press and then let your fanboys on social media post about it so incessantly and create enough "technical videos" - based on cut up and manipulated fan footage (similar to the 9/11 truther vhs tapes) that it becomes accepted as truth. Hoping for some great racing
  9. The Vendee Globe finish might have been closer
  10. works out to be the perfect time for AK as well
  11. just hope a Captain Joe Hazelwood type doesn't take Alex out now
  12. Is Alex getting close to cargo ships for better video?
  13. Have previously long lined in the gulf of ak where we'd lose 30% of our catch to whales as we hauled. Captain spent $10s of thousands on various noise makers over multiple seasons to zero affect, if anything whale losses increased. That said alerting whales they are about to get hurt may work differently than alerting whales to an easy food source
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