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  1. has there been a decent AUS challenge since?
  2. "Ultimately we aren't responsible for our actions and don't believe people should criticize us"
  3. it couldn't have existed else where, or wasn't real until he himself had it
  4. this explains the low quality of your posting
  5. ridiculous lese majeste sentiment. if kiwis and grant dalton don't want shit flung at them they should remove themselves from public life. Also we had the internet in 1995
  6. We can do whatever we want it's our cup! You can't judge us its our cup! But LE and Bertarelli! We deserve to both respected and loved!
  7. Foreguy was controlled by a prusic like a crevasse rescue setup
  8. Our skipper was adamant, drove the rest of us a little crazy. Something about forming habits...
  9. If interested in the perspective of a slow boat in the race here is the video from Mikmaks
  10. just called Allied Titanium. Do you have any other source?
  11. Keel is cast iron, was told and have read galvanized is preferred
  12. Struggling to find m14 galvanized all thread to replace the keel bolts in a first class 10. Any suggestions on sources? A fully threaded 100mm long galvanized m14 bolt would work too, but can't find that either.
  13. Part of the imoca classes marketing insulted staysails politics is all that is going on
  14. Bigger courses, longer legs. A mix of races of about the current lengthy but with wider course and races 3-4 hours in length.
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