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  1. The rudder looks really close to the laser too
  2. These are the best pics of me sailing since got a laser in middle school https://photos.app.goo.gl/nq9gRK9xQYu8dWKy8
  3. Can anyone help me figure out a spinnaker system?
  4. And how much goes down the spin chute?
  5. Rather recently, reverse bows have become popular on keelboats, but do they have a place on skiffs? I would think that it would be slower in light airs when you go bow down because it would reduce waterline
  6. Overpriced non-dinghy (or non-sailboat for that matter!) https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/d/macgregor-sailboat-26m/6566447448.html
  7. I like that that isn’t the boat he’s selling. “My hull is red”
  8. You seem a bit light for anything fast... The best thing I can say is to get good in slow boats- I mean good. Then you don’t have to worry about having crap tactics when you go faster. When I was 11, I had a laser with a full rig that I couldn’t hold down in four knots. I would take the boat out when it was windy and do long reaching legs as fast as I could. Really fun at the time, but the wrong rig gave me muscle memory of bad hiking technique. The best thing is to be patient... It'll come
  9. I’m a high schooler, and my dad, younger brother and I all build our own boats to specifications that the current champion in our family writes (AC style). Last time we had 24” waterline boats of any design before 1940. (Pretty general, I know, but very even). I built a j class based on rainbow, the 1937 AC defender, my brother built a ketch with the hull style of a bluenose schooner, and my dad built a gaff schooner with a hull based on Reliance. These radically different boats were incredibly close in speed, and the only reason I won the most recent edition was because I spent weeks testing
  10. I sail a J/80 and it's a dream in light air especially in PHRF. Rates 126
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