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  1. Thanks for the report! Atadill is a legend in Barcelona. Fun fact - in 2010 or so he started the first Barcelona double-handed world race with Seattle's Jonathan McKee in a brand new state of the art Open 60 sponsored by the local brewery. They pulled out in South Africa. My vague recollection is that they had innovative new kick up rudders that unfortunately kicked up at high speed downwind. The boat was sold and ended up being the next Hugo Boss.
  2. Since no one has mentioned it, I will. This stuff is amazing. Spray on, wash off for most rust stains on gelcoat, awlgrip, stainless... The rust will come back of course if you don't address the root problem but it really does get rid of the stain.
  3. Here's a pretty good video description. They have lots of polars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQuBPk3TSPI I have an Axiom and like it. The main downsides are - the touch screen is harder to use when it is wet, you can't transfer gpx files using wifi or the nmea network that I can tell, and you can't install navionics. To transfer a gpx file, you have to put it on a tiny micro usb, temporarily remove the navionics usb from the back, upload the gpx file, and then replace the navionics card. It works but kind of a pain because the card is so tiny.
  4. I'm curious what the crowd/braintrust might come up with here? I'll suggest $100k or less for boat prior to refit. Note the reverse start based on IRC ratings. Europe or East coast US availability a plus. https://globalsolochallenge.com/notice-of-event/ Production boats built prior to ~2005 preferably with a minimum series of 20 units; LOA between ~ 35 and 50ft; IRC rating below ~1.25; Minimum displacement of ~ 5500kgs (may vary for some designs); Minimum dipl./loa ratio of between ~ 150 and 250 (may vary for some designs); Boats not meeting the above
  5. I'd be up for this as well. Likely double handed.
  6. Entry fee seems a bit prohibitive. Am I missing something? €200k + (yacht LOA x €3000) .... or €380,000
  7. Mirage comes with additional carbon mast and t-bulb keel for $149k asking? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1990/santa-cruz-70-2850116/
  8. I use the jump starter directly on the engine/starter. Doesn't work to use it through the battery system.
  9. I recently installed an Axiom including connecting to an AIS transponder via NMEA 2000. Basically, you have to connect the NMEA cable from the Axiom to a SeaTalkng backbone using the correct connector, and then you have to do it again on the VHF end, I called Raymarine support and they were very helpful. Gave me the part numbers I needed. Very important to get the right connectors.
  10. Shortly before Alain Colas did this race he nearly amputated his leg - I believe it got caught in the anchor chain. So he ended up racing that thing with his foot in a cast He set it up so that all of the sails could be controlled from a bunch of manual winches distributed across the front part of the inside of the doghouse (as I recall). I went aboard in Moorea in 1980 and the caretakers gave me a couple of picture books (in French) about Colas (who was lost at sea by that time). I still have them.
  11. I built an opti using okoume plywood, cedar, and west system for my kids. It was a lot of fun to build and not hard at all. Your niece might like to be involved in that. We never had the boat measured. They used it in a local sailing club camp and I sold it to the next generation when they moved up to Lasers.
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