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  1. 6-0 doesn't really paint the right picture. YYC sailed well. Well done all.
  2. No links, but the YYC team knows what they're doing. But then so do Terry and crew. This is a killer event.
  3. Very interesting day. Tactically, go for pressure, or protect the left? Keeping in phase could pay... but so could fleet management, and so could a chase for pressure. This is why this sport is fun.
  4. They're trying to get a race off. But struggling to get a consistent 5 knots.
  5. CYTZ showing 5 knots at 130, showing the left kicks when the thermal drops. Pressure looking light on the course though. Boats are moving but only just.
  6. 4 knots at 180. Sea breeze filled as expected, but lighter than expected. Flat water, 4 knots. Looks like consistent breeze across the course, but the optics from my condo may distort a bit. War birds from the airshow over the course. Send them. Edit to add, when the wind moves it clocks left before right. It'll be interesting to see who plays the left side of the course, because when the thermal isn't as consistent the wind moves east.
  7. If the gang was all here before, it's more then doubled now.
  8. Now 3 knots at 180. This is an anemic thermal fighting an anemic high pressure system. Clear skies so the city should heat and build the thermal, but .. ???
  9. And I'm a liar. Now 6 knots at 080. Things need to settle in.
  10. I'm not on the water, but the gang's all here.
  11. Breeze is patchy but filling. There'll be racing today. Edit to add, now 3 knots at 150. The backing has already started, so the thermal is developing as expected.
  12. Full props to YYC, but RCYC put forward something good. Terry is sailing deeper on the downhill and carrying more VMG, and his R4 windward mark luff for the lead was pure match racing experience. Tough to win when you lose your gains on the downhill.
  13. Bayview's challenged before. I think they just gave this round a pass. Anyone know for sure? Edit to add, 3 knots at 130. Expect the wind to build and back to 170/180 by noon.
  14. The lake is glass at the moment, but the conditions are perfect for the development of a thermal. It'll fill.
  15. RCYC wins race 1 on Friday. Expect a 2nd race.
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