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  1. Seems that Chobani Sailor read it right in the first place: https://www.sail-world.com/news/245322/NYYC-announce-Americas-Cup-entry-intentions
  2. Or read the announcements: https://nyyc.org/news/-/blogs/new-york-yacht-club-to-challenge-for-37th-america-s-cup-with-american-magic https://americanmagic.americascup.com/en/news/95_AMERICAN-MAGIC-TO-REPRESENT-THE-NEW-YORK-YACHT-CLUB-IN-THE-37TH-AMERICA-S-CUP.html
  3. They are back (presumably): https://www.sail-world.com/news/245322/NYYC-expected-to-announce-Cup-entry-in-a-few-hours
  4. News from NYYC: https://www.sail-world.com/news/245322/NYYC-expected-to-announce-Cup-entry-in-a-few-hours
  5. I also cannot recall that this time there would be any application fee that had to be sent in with the challenge (or within any reasonable time thereafter). So I guess there could be some yacht clubs that just "preemptively" challenged - perhaps to just be "attractive" for any other potentially racing-team that by some chance has the money - but not yet any club to go with :-) Anyway, this all plays very well in the venue selection process - just makes the "bride" much nicer ...
  6. I wonder if CNEV will now suddenly again have yearly sailing races on the course of an ocean. We haven't heard much of them in the last decade :-) I mean, Alinghi will have to be prepared, won't they?
  7. I believe it is seven days after the challenge has been verified and accepted. So that might take a while ... especially if you are not really interested to get you number of entries down ...
  8. "Plenty" of entries in the AC 37 are reported here: https://www.sail-world.com/news/244375/Americas-Cup-Encouraging-level-of-AC37-entries What a surprise - I wonder how many of them we will see at the starting line ...
  9. You understand that your statement is actually supporting Sailbydate's line of argument, don't you? Because what you state could also be interpreted as: although foiling had been in sailing for a very long time (as far back as the 1980th), it took the AC to push this innovation forward to modern yacht sailing ... I personally doubt, that all the innovation in the IMOCA, ULims, ... classes would have happened w/o the AC.
  10. But then you would have to challenge the protocol right now - because I believe there are law rules that require you to go to court within a limited time once you were able to be aware about anything that you deem not legally right. So when you sign now it is "Pacta sunt servanda" unless you go to court immediately
  11. Why would RYSNZ sue in NY? This case/clause would be referring to the AC37 not AC38 protocol. And for AC37 jurisdiction is within NZ. I wonder if NZ liquidated damages laws are also as restricting as NY ones ... Also it is not only about payment of damages to RYSNZ but to all participants of the AC37. So with 4 contestants it might just be 5 Mio. $ for each of them - and that is a number that I believe it will be quite easy to calculate damages to by any of the teams.
  12. Begind a paywall: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/rnzys-members-petition-for-special-meeting-to-demand-americas-cup-stays-in-auckland/A43CKZUXXKYDWNJKO6V77QDYF4/ Anyone with access that can summarize what NzHerald is reporting?
  13. See here: https://www.sail-world.com/news/243945/Americas-Cup-Are-Irish-eyes-smiling
  14. Nothing on the protocoll, but a possible venue date :-) https://www.sail-world.com/news/243945/Americas-Cup-Are-Irish-eyes-smiling
  15. Not the least true, disqualified yourself ...
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