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  1. We could always host a Sail GP event and see how we get on but an AC is a big ask and a bigger stretch.
  2. Cork 'royalty' and all that stuff aside, a barmy idea framed in buffoonery. Clearly the NZ government are not going to be held to ransom in a bidding war and nor should we given the serious stuff governments have to contend with today. The Japanese did a great job with the Olympics, 20 Billion down the drain and not a cent of tourist income because of the virus. Worse, they were behind the curve with vaccinations and now the plague is ripping through them. I love the Americas Cup, but it's now a financial arms race and we don't have the wallet to play.
  3. I'm completely with you. We have neither the money nor the interest. Much bigger priorities that would make this an ill conceived folly.
  4. Oh a warm welcome guaranteed and plenty of craic ....we shall see.
  5. Much and all as I would love to see it here in Ireland, I don't think this has been properly thought out and will not be holding my breath. That said, and it's a factor, we're long overdue hosting a major sporting event and as we showed with the Volvo, we can do it well.
  6. Didn't Gabe Newell do the same and move a lot of his people to NZ? There must be something in the air that's attracting billionaires
  7. I can't read the article but he's certainly motivated and has significant resources to mount a serious challenge. And he has assembled a stable of highly talented sports people across multiple disciplines beyond sailing. That will make the approach taken interesting and probably different from previous challengers.
  8. And without unlimited budgets, you can only fund each campaign which ETNZ has done well. It's the follow on investment by all the team principals that's been compromised by the 1 v 1 murmurings which excludes other teams.
  9. And he doesn't have Billionaire status or pockets. Wealth for sure, but not of the level that can sustain ETNZ.
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