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  1. run a mousing line and pull out the cascade from the goose neck end. rig the whole assembly and retrieve the outhaul with the mousing line I have done this a few times on my J122 . Once to replace the outhaul at the boom end and once to replace the cascade line. Sorry I dont have any pics, but its quite simple
  2. TWS about 12-15knots we were hitting about 10-11knots in that video Downwind speeds with the A3 were consistently about 19.5 knots @ 16-18knots TWS
  3. 40DEF747-0868-4C2D-89EE-E070BF3F56DC.mp4
  4. This one is in Mumbai , India
  5. Finally rigged and launched yesterday Sails will go on tomorow
  6. This is what was on before, the rubber flap had aged and crumbled It seemed to be 3mm or 4mm rubber sheet I have no idea what adhesive was used , but it took about an hour with a chisel to remove the rubber and the residual adhesive Like I said , Im planning to use butyl rubber sheet stuck on with 3M 5200 Adhesive I would love to have some inputs on whats the normal practice Nandan
  7. Ok , I finally got the CB out and anti fouled the CB case and put the CB back. Any suggestions on the rubber flap ? Any spec for the rubber sheet and adhesive for the centreboard flap ? I was thinking of 3mm butyl rubber sheet stuck on with 3M 5200 Any thoughts on this?
  8. Finally pulled open the cover , there seems to be just one socket head bolt under the cover However on the inside of the hull on the sides of the Centreboard box there are 3 nuts/bolts on either side of the box Pics attached It looks like the entire assembly should drop down once the i undo those nuts. Just wondering what the socket head bolt on the outside is for ?IMG_1057.HEIC IMG_1056.HEIC
  9. I was in touch with Simrad Customer Service(APAC) and was told that the cable is not a replaceable part and only option is to replace the whole handset with the cable for $350 which is ridiculous Cost of cable isn't more than $25 at most
  10. The rubber insulation just starts crumbling away as soon as you touch it or try to clean it. Its probably just poor or improper vulcanised material used I wonder if it is a common problem or just me
  11. I have a Simrad VHF and the rubber insulation on the Handset cable is crumbling and falling off. Installed in 2015 The VHF is installed inside the boat near the chart table so doesnt see much UV. Simrad says the cable is not a replaceable part and I need to change the whole handset Anybody seen this before?
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