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  1. They had a great package and great team if you could turn take time and change a few things what could of been done to beat ETNZ ?
  2. 2003 was a self inflicted disaster to TNZ that could have been avoided with this new Nationality Rule. the question is why didn't they do it straight after the successful 2000 defence ?
  3. ETNZ is playing the media ----Cup will not be defended anywhere else but Auckland UK DOG Its not going to happen (Even if ETNZ were serious its not practical before 2025 or 2026 --why ? COVID and all the future waves is the blocker --there is no workarounds)
  4. You wont see a multiple challenger event until 2024 in either Auckland or Isle of Wright im guessing . The 2022 DOG match in Isle of Wright is very likely to be reality (I don't think either team will want to race against LR until 2024 because only bad luck prevented a AC36 win for LR)
  5. Yes I agree it was really bad luck that Prada never won this 7-1 as ETNZ came into the match not ready
  6. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli is down playing how close they actually came to winning AC36 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-from-belief-to-relief-inside-team-new-zealands-americas-cup-win-over-luna-rossa/QHXWIL5CQTZCBIWGLE3XL5RMJE/ Against all odds, the Italians were storming the castle. At 5pm last Saturday Luna Rossa led the series 3-2, after Team New Zealand came off their foils ahead of the start. 1:The underdogs had taken three of the four previous races. It wasn't panic stations, but there were some genuine worries. "They were sailing the boat better a
  7. no they cant the new rule has lots of conditions "the devil is in the detail" to capture and disallow "workarounds" like above
  8. To be fair mate New Zealand got burned in 2003 by not making strict enough rules.
  9. Any Challenger is welcome back as long as the Nationality rule is complied with. (And no Switzerland is not an emerging nation in the AC, and no the Alinghi syndicate could not go and mount the challenge from a Yacht club in an emerging country )
  10. If this rule was in place from 2000 - would the landscape look different to how it is today ? Would Alinghi have won the AC on first attempt in 2003?
  11. I would say a country like Croatia for example
  12. enforcing a tighter nationality rule would counter that risk. Even if it meant less challangers at each AC cycle. Im hoping to see Jimmy as skipper of an Australian challenge next time.
  13. AC37 is likely to have exactly that
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