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  1. Stuff have precisely 2 words they use for any kind of negative comment; "slams" or "blasts"
  2. Its fucking exhausting isn't it. Both sides throwing bullshit condescension at each other.
  3. Ooof Sailing Polands tack at UTC19:27 cost them huge. Looks like they almost ended up going upwind while Mirpuri was almost reaching? Looks like now Azko and Childhood1 have also passed Poland
  4. Rather than casting from the video directly, you can then cast the tab from Chrome on the desktop. That should work but YMMV on that (I have not tested)
  5. Bingo. Its exhausting the petty bitching back and forth. I fucking love the Americas cup, am a die hard ETNZ fan. I've also stayed up late and found a good VPN so I could watch both events of SailGP. Like what you like, don't be a cunt.
  6. Yep tweet decided to not embed like usual; I've edited now with the full text of what I was linking to
  7. https://twitter.com/EmiratesTeamNZ/status/1402008169166032897?s=20
  8. Now that is an interesting idea. Turning the 3D rocket engine printing technology to AC boat.
  9. Actually I suspect its something thats not in the air.....
  10. Until the moment we cross the line and win the cup I live in fear of a comeback.
  11. I'm a bit worried the new 'studded for their pleasure' aero package isn't going to work.
  12. Very kind of LRPP to make it a total do-over of the last start
  13. On point 1: Because they're so blinded by 'JaCiNdA bAd' that they refuse to let anything else in their brain On point 2; Because thats all they have.
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