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  1. I guess my point applies more to owners than to bosses. Bertelli was a good owner (18000 km away) Sirena and Dalton were good bosses (in loco).
  2. Good point, 18000 km is a safe distance to keep from your boss.
  3. Sure it would. Perhaps the critical aspect would be to choose what piece of knowledge or process is unique and should be held onto. On the other hand if don't monetise it now you risk losing it for free by having people walk away after greener pastures or pockets. I dare say though that what makes ETNZ uniquely successful is not one particular piece of knowledge or a given person, but how this complex assembly has been put together and made effective. I wonder how much of the Prada success in the current edition is rooted in Max Sirena experience within ETNZ in the previous cup. On top of
  4. Not at all, I meant it as a compliment. As long as you win the cup, you should push the envelope further and further. Given that you have limited resources but a good process anchored by superb team (brains and muscles) that seems not only wise but necessary.
  5. I guess ETNZ could fund part, if not all, of its next campaign by licencing most (not necessarily all) of its intellectual property to potential challengers, (control systems, design and simulation tools, etc). That would not only possibly inhibit personnel poaching but also preempt success bred complacency. Does it make sense?
  6. Envy the eye behind the lens. Envy not the tool, but the craftsman instead.
  7. ^^"I social media danno diritto di parola a legioni di imbecilli che prima parlavano solo al bar dopo un bicchiere di vino, senza danneggiare la collettività." Umberto Eco
  8. A 180 degree rounding of the bottom mark. Named after John Kostecki, Oracle tactician at San Francisco
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