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  1. ITA can hold NZ if they are on the same tack. But they will be on opposite tacks in this case. They will pass each other at speed. NZ only have to dip to 90 to true when hunted, no gybe needed
  2. The prestarts are so predictable and boring now. NZ has the faster boat. I suggest this. If NZ is the starboard entry boat, do not gybe after entering the box. Continue on for the coffin corner side of the box. Jimmy is predictable. It will be his curve ball. NZ time a port tack start at pin. If Italy dial you down just dip to 90. After passing, NZ just go for a free lane to the right. No entanglement with a high mode ITA.
  3. Has Hutchison pay Dalton for the repair job yet?
  4. Yes thanks. Kawau Boating Club. And the RNZYS clubhouse beside it. Sorry for the drift gents. I will stop here.
  5. Indio, I am not a regular poster here but I do lurk. Your mention of wall street in the 90s caught my attention. During those years I was a forex broker in Singapore. The market 24 hours and I worked the New York shift from 12 midnight to 7am local time. Sleep was about 5 hours after that ( not easy to sleep in daylight hours ) and mid afternoon i go hike in my laser. At 8pm I hit the bars with my seemingly no limit Amex corporate card , joining my banker clients and colleagues who just got off work from the regular day shift. By midnight I walked into my office to start work pretty sloshed.
  6. they should get all 10 crew to stand at the bow to lift that fat ass out of the water. 1 ton worth
  7. the albatross over the rib in the transfer vid. I think that's joshua
  8. probably not. Not this year. UK will be hit next. Move towards the equator gents. Once your lat reads 0 0.000" you'll be alright. More alright
  9. the ships carrying the boats might as well turn back now, whats the point
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