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  1. I've been looking for an underwater drawing/picture and can't find one. Can anyone help? Thx Monster
  2. Pretty sure a 125 "Helping Hand" had a pretty successful racing record on SF Bay. Trevor B can be more specific.
  3. What am I missing. Can't see any boat info, only letters. Who's who?
  4. Can somebody explain to me how the commentators are saying that LR won the start when they were at the wrong end of the line headed in the wrong direction at the start?
  5. Ridiculous, this is not racing. TNZ has got to get Burling off the boat.
  6. Possibly you are looking at the flap split on the trailing edge.
  7. the tin man post was actually me Monster Mash.  Don't ask me how that happened.  LOL

    1. Xlot


      Hi M.


      nice hearing from you again. Too bad the ways of the Cup lead to places far away from both of us ... Hope all is well with you

    2. Xlot


      You in Phoenix now?

    3. Monster Mash

      Monster Mash

      Moved right after the last cup.  SF area to expensive for me.

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