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  1. The right combination of talent personality attention to detail and coaching? cremer never did a season of figaro.
  2. You’d just build a foam core carbon boat with no nomex core. Built it heavier than otherwise have to be in the 8-9 ton range. Maybe do more design studies re reducing peak loads and invest in a scow design.
  3. Depends on the state. My step-nephew in Illinois is 35 and in good health and got vaccinated because he's in aviation. Part of the vaccine distribution is also predicated on state infrastructure's ability to rapidly deploy the inventory. If the inventory turnaround time is weeks - they don't get more. With the J&J vaccine expected to be approved in fairly short order and the production ramp up expected in March - there's 100 million by Q3 2020 is achievable.
  4. I said a few years ago that doping was a unspoken issue specifically re the high number of folks with ritalin scripts - it has been around for a decade plus but because no one is dying in their sleep with resting heart rates below 30... there's really no incentive to address it.
  5. My guy was on the signals side of the Canadian mil and his beef with it was outside of the United States government- no one knows how the satellites encrypt traffic between each other & the ground. It is a trust issue for them even as allies.
  6. And draws about 100 watts when in use. It is good option for Montana or Wyoming - the dish itself I don’t see working on a deck but I suppose if some addicts need connectivity it could be viable with some gimbal gyro. From iridium or Inmarsat and ORBCOMM, they don’t seem particularly worried at this junction because starlink is fundamentally still consumer driven and not willing to commit to the industry demands. From the mil folks who work in encryption, they seem to only have bad things to say about it.
  7. If he does the delivery that’s one less person he has to pay
  8. LOccitane is just getting out of storefront leases. The bankruptcy is just strategic restructuring- their online business is thru the roof as white middle upper class women realize the mall was never part of the exp.
  9. I don't think ATR is going to continue. The posture of the entire campaign is/was very different from the get go and was going for one last hurrah. Which is why the douchebaggery surrounding his misfortune was so absurdly nationalistic and tragic - the imoca is probably losing one of the biggest non-French personalities and longest lasting sponsored programs. Regardless of whether AT ever won an event or not (which some trolls love to hammer on about) - ATR was very generous in giving his time/media to feed the event. There are some who have performed better and won with more success - but oft
  10. Let's not get carried away as if solosailors are the only ones colliding with fishing boats - contrary to popular misconceptions about colreg, it is fundamentally designed to facilitate underwriting of insurance and assignment of risk of loss and seeks to turn uninsurable risk to apportioned risk. It is no more a liability to Vendee Globe than VOR race directors and sponsors demanding one design boats with tired crews racing into Hong Kong in the dark of the night because fat ass chicom sponsors who have never been on a boat wanted the finish line to be near the shore (which they can't see any
  11. I like generational fights as much as the next old guy but the oldest millennial is now 40 and Jimmy Spithill, Sir Ben & Dean Barker are all older than that now...
  12. We will see in March - personally I expect all the teams to have a contingency for flying them in the extreme light expected conditions but aren't doing it yet.
  13. It is also ironic because the same folks who have an issue apparently with skippers who choose to produce content for their sponsors also are the same folks who say they'd love it if programs or VG required 24/7 data being offloaded by the boats. And the only two skippers who committed to that aren't the French ones who do the "thank you for sponsor see you in a few months" - so which is it? Want more access or transparency to feed the holiday blues? Or more secrecy focused on winning above all else?
  14. Herrmann generates a lot of good will and attention for his program, he won't win the VG, but I think he's given the event more than he's taken. There are some folks who basically put in minimal effort on communications once they secure the funding and leave France? They might win, leave the imoca scene and start a technical boatyard/prep consultancy - but they give back very little to the sponsors and VG organizers. It is what it is and the skippers should always be allowed to be who they are - but I think the public notices.
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