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  1. Stop it. It was just answer. We do pay adverts. Just. Sorry you do not understand. PS We do not sell boat to the fans of fancy revers bows
  2. Hi All, A few pics and renders. Good Barcol test results, high glossage achieved
  3. Good point. NKE computers - very very OK But drives? NKE, as far as I am concerned, do not manufacture hydraulic arm? BTW - does anyone compare JEFA direct drive vs. hydraulic by NKE, in terms of speed and power consumption?
  4. 1. It is Multihulls World #168 page 74-75. 2. Zodiac caused the wake. You can spot it in lower corner. Fixed foils works like other foils. Just need speed to generate force.
  5. Good Day All, Saying thé fixed foils do their job I mean - they are reducing pitching, leeway - boat is reaching without daggerboard. Displacement is reduced. There is daggerboard not centreboard and no foil on rudder There is interesting article in Multihulls World 168 about cruising multi and foils. All the best,
  6. We call it mini foils or fixed foils. Whatever - they do the job!
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