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  1. The fastest ones right from the beginning and then learn how to sail them.
  2. On K Rd heading to the viaduct and it feels like the wind is picking up. Fingers crossed...
  3. I was told about fcs pressure bleeding issues by one of the sailors a few days after Defiant scared the kids at Okahu Bay. I was lucky enough to speak to quite a few of the various team members before Christmas, raised this issue every time, and from the responses, I think it's a thing.
  4. Race 1 TNZ by 33 seconds. Even start, LR controlling, TNZ split to less preferred side, LR in front at 1st cross by say 6, TNZ rounds first mark first by fuck all, cover all the way home and slowly gain. No big mistakes by either team Race 2 All sorts of all bets off by LR. Get penalties and win, or lose by a bunch.
  5. All is not as it may seem. Kamm profiles are very effective, especially when rules limit the chord, and therefore the aspect ratio of shapes. They also tend to deal with yaw induced drag more effectively than a full foil profile
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