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  1. NYYC lost the Cup back in 1983 and have not regain it since, that is 38 years ago! Now they want a say in how to run the Cup? I think it is better to concentrate on how to win the Cup first.
  2. LRPP were pretty close to start off with, but once the ETNZ boys figured out how to sail TR properly, LRPP were left way behind. Remember, the races were sailed in the ideal wind strength range for LRPP, and they were match hardened. ETNZ was not race ready, practicing against a chase boat and in a simulator can not duplicate real race conditions, therefore once TR had a gauge on LRPP's strengths and weakness in real racing environment, TR were sailing constantly 2∼3knts faster VMG even in LRPP's preferred wind range of 8∼12knts. I think TR is about 1/2 a generation ahead of th
  3. That Swiss guy didn't exactly brought TNZ, he signed key persons from TNZ. Wait, is there any differences from Bertelli signing Dan? Since TNZ is financially challenged, Mr. Bertelli may just buy the entire team/operation, saving all the fuss on head-hunting. "Prada Team Kiwi", pretty catchy name I think.
  4. Makes more sense than just signing Dan Bernasconi.
  5. Patrizio Bertelli is applying for NZ Residency and buying Team NZ. It is the quickest way to win AC after so many tries.
  6. I finally figured out why ETNZ loss AC34 in SF.......... they did not push the limits enough, only had a near capsize. They really need the capsizes to win, like in AC35 and AC36.
  7. It would be ideal to build multiple Te Kahu's, to be sold as test boat for new comers and to be use for ACWS events.
  8. I think the colour of the boats and shirts are the key differentiators.
  9. What if, the Isle of Wight race is used as a marketing pull for the Cup? Say setup Isle of Wight race an ACWS event, all Challengers and Defender must compete in this event for the qualification to participate in the Cup itself?
  10. Listen to the onboard audio, JS wanted "wide right" when they entered and FB agreed, well, LR did not get what they wanted, but TR got what they wanted, end of story.
  11. I suspect that he is not even from this planet.........
  12. How many cannons does this thing carry? The new America's Cup, sink your opponent, the one remains afloat, wins!
  13. LR did not start as they had planned, that is to the RC side of the starting line, TR forced them out of the position and started in clear air, LR might be leeward and ahead slightly, but TR had taken all of the advantages away from LR (port entry, high mode, the ability to cover), TR did not make the move because they had to, TR executed exactly as they had planned. Again, it is not difficult to see who had the upper-hand in the starting sequence.
  14. As you said, the RC end is favoured, so did LR managed to get the favoured side of the starting line? the port entry boat is supposed to have the advantage to choose where they wanted to be positioned off the starting line. TR wanted the right hand side from the get go and executed the tack off the starting line perfectly as planned, not hard to see who actually won that start.
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