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  1. The America’s cup and the Olympics is not the same and not comparable. But let me state this clearly Bens performance in the Olympics is outstanding and totally brilliant. In that field he stands head and shoulders above the rest. Being outstanding brilliant in Olympic sailing doesn’t mean your going to succeed in the America’s cup. There’s a world of difference between racing a dingy versus an AC75 doing 50 knots. So the pressures different, on a AC75 he has a team to manage versus a dingy where he is on his own. I suspect he would be a brilliant single handled racer around the worl
  2. My comments are mainly related to BA in the final were the real pressure exists. So my comments below only relate to the Prada Cup. In your summary of the races and who won, I disagree with race 7 which I thought the Italians won. They wanted the right hand side which payed big dividends. Also race 5 was won by Jimmy, he managed to get penalties put on Ineos. You might disagree with the umpires, but Jimmy definitely tried and successfully got penalties against Ben. I do agree Ben won the start in races 6 and 8 and marginally won the start in race 2 and that Jimmy won the star
  3. Considering their history I don’t expect them to have a slow boat. They have a good design history, their only failure was the DOG match where Oracles winged sail was the decisive difference.
  4. I agree the whole thing got silly, of course it’s a valid challenge.
  5. I agree that things have greatly improved since the year 2002 when hired the best in the world. Swiss talent I’m sure is at a high standard, but would it be ranked best in the world ?
  6. I think PB will have one or two more cups in him and then he will decline. No one can stay at the top forever and the pressure will eventually get to him. ETNZ should start with a PB apprentice so that if PB dropped dead or left to go to another syndicate, they won’t be left with no alternatives. The Aussies for example have a couple of good skippers. Ben on the other hand is, is past his best. He’s 43 now and that’s not young in this game. His reactions are too slow and yes he didn’t crash his boat much, he would have real problem with a boat like ETNZ had were lightning reactions
  7. Being a slower boat doesn’t matter in the start, and in the starts Ben was made to look very poor compared to Spithill. Also their boat wasn’t a dog and did win a race when Ben did win the start. I accept LR was a better boat, but it’s bit of a stretch to call the boat a dog. Remember it did win races against LR and AM. A dog wins very few races and that’s not the case win the Ineos boat. However if you raced Ineos against ETNZ they would of been slaughtered 7 zip If Ben was racing ETNZ or LR in identical AC75 boats he would lose, due to his poor record in the starting box
  8. Why swap Ben out He keeps losing and he’s NOT at the standard to win the cup LR killed him in the starts during the Prada Cup final.....in that final he chocked. He’s simply not up to the job. Also being a mega draw is irrelevant, Ineos is all the sponsorship needed
  9. So there’s no real alternative than Ben Ainslie for an UK AC skipper. Technically I feel he’s a good helmsman . However he’s not a team player, which is essential to get the best out of the boat. It’s Bens way or the highway
  10. Is there anyone in the uk who can helm an AC75 at the same level of Ben ?
  11. What a shame, it’s a lost opportunity to develop another foiling helmsman other than Ben.
  12. Jumping the gun me thinks, the bases are going no where unless Auckland doesn’t host the cup.
  13. Racing in Wellington would be awesome but I agree it would never happen.
  14. The VOR fleet will be accommodated in Auckland somewhere somehow, but it would never push aside an America’s cup taking place.
  15. April is better, because that’s when Autumn winds come in. However what ever date you pick, it will still be a lottery for wind.
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