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  1. When you live outside of New Zealand you find that our country doesn’t have a great reputation for technology. The backward sheep farmer image still remains. I think the real value for NZ is that TNZ helps change this image. This is useful for our exporters in the high tech game. I see TNZ as a branding exercise for our fair country. the better our exports the better govt revenue which then can spent on youth suicide.
  2. Just evidence of a Labour government using media spin to justify not helping TNZ
  3. I hear there’s a meeting at RNZYS tonight and Grant will be giving a statement on what direction ETNZ is heading Rumours are : Cup is going off shore …no surprises if true Emirates having ended funding Some RNZYS members will fight to the death to stop Grant Lawyers are rubbing their hands with glee NZ government package isn’t acceptable, to little cash on offer Of course most readers are fully aware of these stories, will be interesting to hear from RNZYS members after tonight’s meeting
  4. That’s what the Italians did when RNZYS won the cup in Bermuda. Are your saying their challenge was suspected to be illegitimate ?
  5. As a kiwi I’m not against some of the idea put forward by NYYC and I commend them for wanting to carry on with the AC75 boat. I’m sure the people at NYYC are smart and are totally aware that there proposal has no validity that cant be enforced in any manner. So there’s some political angle going on here, what that might be I’m not sure. Maybe the outside syndicates are working together to try and stop the one off private challenge between RNZYS and the RYS.
  6. To be honest we didn’t mind paying our fair share of tax, but when over half is taken in tax, then that doesn’t seem fair at all. Our tax load in NZ is about 38% which I think is fair. My tax figures are calculated as income tax, plus vat or gst payed on what’s left if that money is spent. Of course if you saved your disposable income that would reduce your tax.
  7. Here you go as asked https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/nov/13/richest-britain-income-tax-revenues-institute-fiscal-studies
  8. I’m not missing high British tax. The top 1% of British taxpayers pay a third of all British tax. A good chunk of low income earners pay next to no income tax at all. It’s all very socialistic the UK tax system. It’s a very dangerous path the UK tax system has taken. With so much tax coming from so few hands if anything drastically hits the top 1% income, then the whole tax system can suddenly not produce enough tax.
  9. The UK is far more socialist than NZ 17% of uk households are in a council house, while 4% live in state houses in NZ (state house is equivalent of council house) you have to pay to see the doctor in NZ in the UK it’s free Take any meaningful measurement and the UK welfare system is more generous
  10. The UK tax system is punitive to those who work hard. My wife worked out she was in reality paying about 55% tax in the UK. After the being the tax mans whipping boy for so long both my wife and I were happy to go back to New Zealand. No plans to ever return while such punitive taxes exist. Don’t blame any Billionaires leaving and coming a tax exile. I imagine their attitude is “if your going to be greedy tax man, you can get nothing”. Most people know we all need to pay tax, but not half your income should go
  11. For a country with so much AC history and sailing talent, it’s a mystery to me why they have stayed away for so long.
  12. He might be offered a more senior position in ETNZ, even one day syndicate head. I have no prob with an Aussie in charge
  13. I agree Deans time has come to an end. He was a great sailor but he has to accept time affects everyone including him. He’s an old man and not twenty anymore. He’s still got a future helming big displacement yachts. I doubt he’s going to be unemployed
  14. As a life long AC fan, I’ve been actively watching this sport since the 70’s. So it’s good that another high stake premium foiling series has been developed. The AC and F50 are symbiotic to each other. The fact that ETNZ don’t have to spend mega bucks keeping their sailing crew top flight is a profitable bonus. Can anyone explain how sailGP is funded. Is it coming out of uncle Larry rich pockets ?
  15. In my opinion the F50 seem more dangerous. The fact that a hull can lift up and come dashing down on another boats crew makes it more risky. On the other hand I like a bit of crash and bash. Sure made the racing interesting.
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