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  1. As a Kiwi I do thinks DALTS is slightly over playing his hand. There is no way TNZ would collapse. I guess he’s going to always fight for his team to get the best funding. If he’s so short of money, then what’s with the electric chase boats and 40ft IACC boats. He could easily knock both in the head and save money.
  2. So the rules that GD created to avoid a repeat of 2003 seem to be working exactly as they intended. How moral rules rules are…is another issue. I don’t think GD is losing sleep.
  3. Nationality rules might stop them sailing for anyone else.
  4. (Hydrogen chase boats- cost of normal chase boats) not carried into the cost cap. However a sum for normal chase boats carried into cost cap. Existing design work costs carried into cost cap. Similar calculation for existing work teams doing work. look I know a cost cap is never going to happen. What is good for the sport and what happens rarely match up. The cost cap for F1 is working really well, and the teams are a lot closer in speed.
  5. We’re living in a Covid world, many countries are struggling to keep their supply chains moving. Shortages in supermarkets are common in western countries. Hardly the environment for ETNZ to rake up corporate sponsors. It’s a bit like after WW2 where no one had the money to go J boat racing. The only sponsors are Billionaires with large egos. When I last checked we are all out of those in NZ. ETNZ could wait until it finds the sponsors which could drag out the cup for years. The alternative is a cost controlled Cup with one boat per team and a total budget of 50 Mil USD. No more th
  6. I guess the Olympics is also socialism in action
  7. I’ll never go figure that, we have plenty of coal and we’re importing coal ?? I wonder what political party might have contributed to this situation.
  8. However people with power tend to follow such things If true good this is good news https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/amazon-says-it-will-spend-75-billion-on-giant-data-centres-in-auckland/CRD5RLISXWWRXEB5YJXKIT6S5A/
  9. I do agree wth this thesis put forward by Ian Taylor. Living in the UK and visiting Europe left me with the impression that in their eyes we were nothing more than a country of rugby players and sheep farmers.
  10. Problem to some extent are time zones …….the reality is we are a small country, which only gets air time in foreign media via sports. After living some many years outside NZ I’m painfully aware how inconsequential we are in the minds of other people. In some ways that’s not a bad thing I don’t want us be swamped by too much immigration.
  11. That’s a subjective opinion at best. As a kiwi, I’m not that unhappy if GD takes the AC circus somewhere else. I’d be fine if it was in New York. The more people who see the cup, and get to observe that us kiwis are more than sheep farmer, but rather a hi tech country the better. Helps generate brand awareness of NZ incorporated. We have a thriving software industry that can benefit from such a branding exercise. generate NZ brand awareness the better
  12. Good on you….I’ve retired early due to health reasons. I’d prefer to work, but there are some nice aspects, such as not having to drag oneself out of bed and going to work.
  13. The simple reality is that the AC is not as valuable as we would like to think. In the middle of a global pandemic, most countries have higher priorities. I’m not surprised from the lack of bids. Other countries are not as crazy about the AC as we in NZ. The best foot forward is a low cost AC. One boat per syndicate and a limit on team size to keep costs down. If F1 can bring in a cost cap there’s no reason why the AC can’t. Im sure most punters here would hate the idea, but the world has changed.
  14. A spending CAP has made F1 more interesting, if it’s worked for them, can’t see why it wouldn’t work for the AC.
  15. When you live outside of New Zealand you find that our country doesn’t have a great reputation for technology. The backward sheep farmer image still remains. I think the real value for NZ is that TNZ helps change this image. This is useful for our exporters in the high tech game. I see TNZ as a branding exercise for our fair country. the better our exports the better govt revenue which then can spent on youth suicide.
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