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  1. There's a new thread called 'SailGP 2021' over in the 'Multihull Anarchy' part of the forum. Only a few posts so far but might become the go-to?
  2. It's on the tail end of the entire Day 7 live stream for the racing on YouTube. It kicks off at 2hrs, 54 mins
  3. If you were in the trough and the only way to get up on foils is to keep going past the boundary then we might be forgiven for working the rules. Is it any different to any other exploit in the rules (e.g. cyclors)? As for Jimmy, I'm actually warming to him day by day in this regatta. And that is after burning his effigy in 2013 and baying for his blood in 2017. His comments immediately after each race and during the pressers are balanced and quite insightful by comparison with ETNZ's - who invariably just dodge the topic. He's gracious in victory and defeat. The Redbull sponsorship is
  4. It's all upside. If you loose, then you've been beaten by the best. If you win, you're now the best....
  5. The course management, etc, relies on a great number of volunteers. I can't see racing going ahead at Level 3 (i.e. not between now and next Sunday at the earliest). Level 2 hinders the spectator aspect.
  6. I got to shake (okay - enthusiastically pump) his hand on the 2017 victory lap back in NZ. IMHO he's the quiet/unsung hero in winning it back. From that day in Bermuda in 2017 this Dude is essentially 'Kiwi'. He's earned his stripes and he can hang out here in Aotearoa as long as he likes!
  7. "The fastest boat always wins ..." If you are confident in your speed then there is absolutely no need to mix it up in the pre-start (until it gets to races 8 and 9 in Bermuda and you're finally allowed some wiggle room to cut loose and show true form - just to make a statement). I might be wrong.
  8. Yeah - the Venturi effect (Bernoulli's principle) is diluted by the lower hull being open. Yeah - the angle of attack on the lower part of the sail exploited by the cutout may not be optimized for apparent wind. But shit - surely every little bit counts at this level of extracting/exploring performance? Anyway - 7 days until we find out ...
  9. Listen, don't mention the war magnets. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right.
  10. MetService has Waiheke Island with approx 10 knots (steady average) https://www.metservice.com/towns-cities/locations/waiheke-island
  11. All you need to know about the Prada Cup final https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/124223277/americas-cup-all-you-need-to-know-about-the-prada-cup-final From this: The schedule It’s a best of 13 races affair with a team needing to snare seven wins to advance to the America’s Cup match. The races are well spaced out, giving teams breathers between encounters. Note that starting times have been moved on an hour now, with the first race each day set to go at 4.12pm each day. Feb 13: Race 1 and 2. Feb 14: Race 3 and 4. Feb 17: Race 5 and 6. Feb 19: Rac
  12. If you wanted to sandbag your second race, after a very dominant display in your first (first was 100% dry, IIRC), would you: (a) sail a bit higher than optimum and bleed off a bit of VMG, or (b) maneuver a little unnecessarily - with a few resulting touch downs, or (c) all of the above? Just hypothetically .....
  13. America's Cup Rialto: November 13 - Sticky business as AC75's struggle in the light: https://www.sail-world.com/news/233115/Americas-Cup-Rialto-Nov-13-Sticky-business
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