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  1. Hi, any hints on crew/weight placement in J/97s for different winds and angles? Taking part in the orc worlds next week and any new information would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks, I have understood that the NKE pilot needs a lot of tweaking in French though. To the rest, to my mind both evolution and h5000 probably can handle downwind in 20kts of breeze so a bit surprised about the comments. Mostly in that wind it would be waves generating problems. But indeed, I agree to the fact that trimming is super-crucial in heavier wind, therefore need for a good pilot!
  3. We have an spx-10 and linear drive on our J/97 and was looking at improving that setup at some point. The APs currently on the market do not look so impressive though. Raymarine evolution series is quite old, b&g nac-2/3 is not really known to me and b&g 5000 seems overly expensive. I was hoping there would be something new on the market soon for example from Raymarine or perhaps Garmin? Usage is mostly cruising and DH racing. Would appreciate something which can manage downwind in 20kts with the big A2 up.
  4. Did not have that problem on my previous boat with the Nexus transducer. In any case, yes the race transducer coupled with H5000 probably would do the trick.
  5. He is still in the lead, so I have problems seeing he would have a major performance problem.
  6. I have the wireless wind transducer, triton2 and vulcan displays. The thing that annoys me most is aws/tws which seem to be on the low side when the boat is healing.
  7. I would go for one sails 4T Forte personally. Seems superior to heavy 3di which does not have full-length fibres.
  8. One design with different keels and water ballasts?
  9. We have a 97. Great allround boat but too much rocker to plane easily. Otherwise perfect for DH, full-crew and cruising. We operate ours with a AP furlable jib with one reef on a facnor fd, c0/j0 and two A-sails.
  10. Light wind in the Baltic sea. Today though 20kts breeze, outsailed J/80s and J/92s upwind.
  11. We have no problems beating 80´s on the water, no 105´s around. Compared to 109´s we are slightly slower upwind in DH setup(97 is perhaps a bit more sensitive for weight on the rail), slower on jib reaches due to waterline but equal downwind. In general she seems to sail up to her ORC handicap.
  12. No idea about sailing under phrf but otherwise I have three seasons of experience so ready to answer some questions if needed
  13. I meant the 36, any facts then?
  14. Any real world intel on the light wind performance? The boat looks beautiful but we often have light winds in my area so it would be good to understand if she is glued to the waters in those conditions like previous Pogos?
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