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  1. Have been getting plenty of short handed and solo sailing in this last 2 months. Managed to get my hands on a Monitor windvane which i am very excited to fit. Also, a new mast to cure my issue with the massive one i currently have
  2. Glengarriff Anchorage, surrounded by trees and small islands and in the shadow of Hungry Hill. Very well protected on all sides with excellent holding.
  3. Lonehort Harbour, Bere Island, an old Viking hangout. They built a breakwater at the entrance and used to haul their boats for maintenance. Tough to get in around some nasty rocks, which my keel found out the hard way
  4. The threshold is 1000 subscribers, and then youtube reviews the channel which can take months. Then after that you can put adverts on the videos, and you get roughly 1000e per 1 million views (based on my experience). But apparently the revenue is based on what sort of adverts, for example if you are making videos about buying houses there is a good chance your audience want to buy a house... So the ROI for a company advertising on these videos is higher, and they pay more to have adverts on these vids. Some weird guy refitting a shit boat in the south of Ireland... his audience are
  5. Cute dog, but that workshop is great... nice woodwork
  6. You never know... you might like mine. Thanks for the kind words Their work is outstanding, delighted to see/hear they may be back in action.
  7. Fair Point.... i just always feel like using words like that overdramatise unnecessarily... She really did... but not anymore!
  8. I tried the more dramatic thumbnail and title approach, didn't change anything else. Helped views for sure. It seems the key word is Abandoned... Technically not clickbait because it is my boat and the title is true.... But views quadrupled.
  9. I understand the thread has moved away from the topic of building new... but this graph pulled from here https://www.dickkoopmans.nl/uw_jacht/kosten.html is interesting. (Dick Koopmans cost estimation)
  10. Does anyone know what ever became of our fearless hero?
  11. Thank you for that, maybe he will ship to eu
  12. Fair points. I do have access to a spot welder that could do it though. Are you in the states? It seems like you guys have a lot of options when it comes to lithium batteries, but here I only have victron which is about 1500 euro for a 100ah battery. If anyone knows of reasonably priced lithium batteries in Ireland or Uk I'd love to know of them. Maybe I've missed them in my searches.
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