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  1. WTF - RS Sailing should both clear up what explains this, and what is to be done about.
  2. That guy must have been a windsurfer at some point...I know that maneuver well...and it answers a big question of mine, as the closest access point to the big reservoir I'd spend most of my time on has a pretty narrow beach that is barricaded by a line of boulders clearly put there to keep vehicles from entering (and dollies with boats on them). The Aero hull is lighter than plenty of canoes I wouldn't think twice about carrying through the same access point...
  3. Hmmm...so get the aero...sail a lot and have more fun with less hassle...get the wife hooked, and a second aero!!!
  4. wonder if anyone can compare time/effort to rig the feva vs weta???
  5. RS Feva if you are both on the smaller/lighter side could work...often pitched as a kids boat, but max crew weight is over 500lbs and the XL has a bigger main
  6. some nice ideas...thanks... As I spend time questioning my plans, I do see that the Trailex has a 12" wheel option, and Right On looks to have 12" wheels on some of theirs as well... what is the top real world freeway speed??? Also, the Trailex look so slight and fragile and cover so little of the hull's length, it seems like something you would only use to go a couple slow miles to the water...what are your experiences? The flatbed/utility options weigh a bunch more, but are more robust as well as being more flexible for different uses, but there is some appeal to a super ligh
  7. Thanks for that...and to clarify, I'm not looking to haul kayaks and dinghy at the same time at all. And one of the reasons I think a wooden flat deck trailer could be a nice option is that it would make customizing it fairly easy, including some of your suggestions for putting in some eye bolts (or d-rings) just where you want them. Looking for outfitting ideas, and/or trailer recommendations (or warnings)... I will be talking to West Coast, as that is who I'd buy from, but I've pestered them so much in the past without ever pulling the trigger, I thought I'd come here first...
  8. I'm once again trying to make this year the one I pick up an Aero and get back on the water...so I'm also working to figure out how best to store and transport. While I'd be OK rooftopping it, I'd like to be able to put in on a low, flat deck trailer, ideally already on a dolly (one that would be appropriate to leave it on for storage(?!)). In this vein, dolly trailers like the one from Right On look nice, but I don't want a single purpose trailer, as we also have some kayaks and other gear we'd like to haul - so again, a light, flat deck trailer seems pretty ideal, and one can find the
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