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  1. Can this be verified? Wouldn't JS and RC be at odds as well?
  2. Despite not winning 2007, I think we can be extremely proud of that result. We were a mosquitoe's dick away from winning a race that would have had the scoreline at 4-3. Alinghi proved to be faster but to get that result from the ashes of 2003 was quite remarkable. 2003 hurt more because of the cowardice in which the core of a great team that SPB created pissed off and gutted TNZ leaving not a lot of time to scrape a defence together. 2013 sucked because we made too many fundamental errors along the way. I don't think 2017 was possible without 2013.
  3. Yeah who would have thought, a wind shift in a yacht race
  4. So to all the ETNZ haters, LR lucky with an abandoned race?
  5. The shoes LRPP sailors are wearing Adidas x Prada shoes with a RRP of $800. They sold out in minutes.
  6. I think in the only person who harps in about this. For me this was the one that cost us, sure the wind limit race was a bitch but this one pissed me off no end.
  7. Disagree, they could have headed slightly to give some separation or soaked to leeward and headed up?
  8. They were about to be mowed down on the 1st run despite a fuck up at the start and a poor ill timed gybe. Hand of God? GTFO.
  9. Freddy Carr saying LR would be feeling robbed. Can that really be the case? I mean they were getting mowed down on the run until a monumental fuck up in a light. LR kinda fucked up too.
  10. This can not go to the final race. I won't have a functioning heart left.
  11. Sounds like PB has resigned for the day. I think they are now shitting themselves. As am I.
  12. I can't believe I'm saying this but the Cup is gone by Sunday.
  13. You could also argue the start and lead was given to LR for ETNZ fucking it up.
  14. That graph showed TR coming out those tacks pretty nicely.
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