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  1. Kite sheet take ups might be helpful too. Shock cord from inboard end of pole - not done this on a 29er so you'll probably have to do some digging for how the class does it, but usually straight forward and makes for a much tidier boat upwind.
  2. Back at it. Thank god. 2 outings in 2 weeks, that's more than we managed in the 49er all of last year. Thicker kite sheets are a game changer - up to 8mm from what looks like a very tired 6. Nice steady 10-15kt NE this eve which gives us full power and the whole lake. Worked on finding the speed and getting lower on the wire. Loads of corners, no swims so all is not lost. My arms will hate me tomorrow though. Hope everyone's ok and getting back on the water. Bloody covid.
  3. 90kg dry, we moved the racks out further when we're out on our own. Can't vouch for the accuracy of the GPS (garmin watch) Not trying to make any bold claims and happy to be talked down if the numbers are out. Note also we've flat water on our side. Here's some footage from Friday, weather station at the club saying it was gusting 25kts. Watch said this was 16kts. This is fun, but looking forward to getting back in the 49er again.
  4. The 10 upwind was pretty consistent, 18 down was a peak and dead sketchy!
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2779942555574416/ £50 ea it would seem. I've not seen these/no link to the seller.
  6. Bit windy (gusting 30) on Sunday so we did 2 races in the Laser. It's a lot wetter than the 49er. And dare I see it, at times feels faster. It's not. Though we did see 10kts upwind and 18 down yesterday, up there with our 49er speeds in half the wind. Really struggled to point as the wind and speed built upwind, but fun all the same. Onboard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5UX5RrUFYw
  7. And we're back! Not sure for how long with covid cases on the up. It's been a 'short' 8 month covid break since the last outing, but quite a few bimbles done on the boat once I was allowed back to the club. Great couple of club races yesterday. 3 mins late for the first start (main kept popping out of the track) made for some fun 'catch up' and we ended up ahead of the RS800 and trading places with the mustos. Pursuit race could be entertaining.... In for lunch then the wind got up for a second race. Led from start to finish, full leg ahead of the next nearest (musto) at the end I th
  8. Bookmarked for later, thanks! Remember being a bit star struck when Alain fetched our trolley for us at Stokes Bay in 2016. We've got the same make of dog. That's cool.
  9. Ah! Got it. Cheers. Will have a play with that too then.
  10. Winter at its best! A small query, interesting you've got the dagger board up a touch - Sand bank avoidance, depowering or something else?!
  11. And we got another open in the bag over Christmas. 100 boats made it to the Christmas race at YDSC. Light airs kept the drama down, and us in our comfort zone. Marginal twin wiring most of the time with decent gusts to keep us moving. Luckily course was shortened just before 3rd long lap which meant the dying breeze didn't hurt us too much. 4th over the finish line, 1st of the 2 49ers and 67th on handicap. We're not too unhappy with that given where we are; the strength of the fleet; that this wasn't skiff weather; and the our handicap is going to be very challenging for us to race to. No bump
  12. Oh that's savage! I loved the coverage, but felt that some of the 'big events' were missed. Thoughts and hopes for a quick recovery to the French team, though the French article suggests that they're now out of the olympics. So sad for a top team. I hope this is unrelated to the already known spreader issue.
  13. Great stuff - thanks guys. High handles were from light wind outing (easier to move around and in and out of the boat), and we didn't lower them (oversight), but I wonder if this oversight was in part because subconsciously it feels easier to have the high handles... we'll drop them back and see how that goes!
  14. Just been sent this from a Saturday practice 2 weeks ago. How we didn't end up swimming I'll never know. Good club race last week. Ahead of the Mustos by a leg until a silly capsize at the bottom mark on the last lap brought us back together again (tack line caught under pole). Speedy recovery and back at it, finished near the front, but back to 9th on handicap. Flying through the other fleets with the kite up was fun now we're communicating better. Started the second race, but the wind died so we headed in. I think we'd have been ok for the nationals after all, but sitting it out
  15. Great tips - thanks! I'm at the front, so anything to make the crew's life easier get my full and unwaivering support. I'll send a memo round. Re the jib - we snapped the jammer by this point so I think it was tied in that position to get us back down the hill a couple of times. Just ordered the new one online... OUCH! Hope it lasts.
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