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  1. Did somebody day SuperMac?
  2. I went for a wonderful mountain bike ride near Frankfort today, and it wasn't enough to numb the pain. What are the odds this weather will repeat next year?
  3. So if we can't party on the island, can we at least make it a Reverse Super Mac?
  4. We're up for an unsanctioned race around Lake Michigan, if it's legal to leave our house to have some fun. That said, what does SA think about the Coast Guard's role in all of this, and how they would feel about rescuing a Covid patient from a boat in the middle of the lake, perhaps in poor conditions?
  5. Freaking brilliant. As a Schock 40 sailor, I can confirm that this boat lets you ride it. Last July, after the Chicago-Mac and before Gamble finished the Transpac, I remember a conversation that went something like: "If it was about winning, we wouldn't be on this boat"
  6. I'll be watching this sometime soon! In Ski Country (1984, I think), there is a segment on Lake Tahoe with some Hobie 33 testing. Apparently Warren and Hobie were friends, and Warren was asked to shoot a prototype of the boat in heavy air. The clip ends with a fast spinnaker ride followed by a loud snap. I spent my early apres-ski days watching Warren Miller movies in my Grandpa's basement. He also shot a lot of promotional footage for Hobie beach cats. My other grandpa was the founder and director of the Blizzard Ski School in Detroit, with the largest membership in the history of s
  7. What size boat, and how tall is the rig? This chart is from Chicago Marine Electronics, regarding H2000/3000 MHU's. Product Code Boat Size Applicable unit Height 30001 (32") Up to 36' 213 Vertical MHU, 32", 36m cable 30002 (42") 36' - 42' 213 Vertical MHU, 42", 36m cable 30003 (57") 42' - 56' 213 Vertical MHU, 57", 36m cable We cobbled together a 42" wand with spare parts to make a workin
  8. I'm getting close to laying in new material. As you can see above, the center line of the boat was cored with plywood. Everything outside the center line was cored with balsa. Why did they use plywood for core in this section, and should I replace with the same? There is no mention of plywood in the layup schedule in any of the plans. All sources point to balsa as the stronger, lighter core material.
  9. I use a Spinlock harness with a double figure 8, tied close to the harness. I don't use the belay loop - run the halyards through the harness webbing. Has anyone tried a munter hitch on a winch for descending? It works well on a carabiner, but not sure about the larger diameter of the winch. Before modern belay devices, that was just "the way".
  10. Great write-up, and great photo. Glad you guys had a good time. Thanks for spreading the Schock love. For what it's worth, I have sailed a few thousand miles on a Schock 40, and the keel is still firmly attached. Tom, thanks for accommodating Gamble in the Transpac, and for responding here openly and honestly. Limiting cant on reaching angles is quite certainly an impediment. At deeper angles, not so much. As Jason mentioned, this boat sails with zero or close to zero cant downwind. Regarding fairness, the stability index only accounts for maximum cant. Things a
  11. +1 If your boatspeed is inaccurate enough to make you question TWS, then you shouldn't trust your boatspeed either. If your TWS reads knots higher downwind, this can be calibrated with respect to TWA. Measured windspeed is rarely incorrect - it's the conversion from apparent to true that causes trouble.
  12. I grew up within walking distance of Good Harbor Bay. There is no launch ramp, just a couple of roads that end where the sand starts. This thing would have to have been assembled on the beach, and shoved off by hand. R2AK is definitely on my bucket list. If anyone ends up entering this boat in R2AK and wants a Good Harbor kid for crew, look me up. Oh, and the boat I race on is behind Lucky Strike in this pic, on the corner of the pier in front of CYC.
  13. What adhesive did you use to attach the rubber? How about for the slot gasket?
  14. Project Update - As it turns out, I had no spare time all summer. Taking care of a baby, running a retail store, and a full race schedule left the boat in the garage to dry out. This week, I tied back into it. I cleaned up the rotten section of the centerboard trunk, which should be pretty straightforward to finish up. Never mind the chisel hole. The source of the leak was at the leading edge of the trunk, where the board would swing into the trunk and chip away at the front of the box. Eventually, it cut through the glass and into the wood spacer shown on the bottom right. What
  15. All of these sound too complicated to make while sailing. My personal favorite: 1 part rum 2 parts - whatever fruit juice you have on hand. Mixing juices is acceptable, as is a splash of soda water.
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