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  1. The best way forward for Team whatevertheycallthemselvesnowadays to remain a force in their own right is to align with a powerful brand that has some resonance with their support base, and which welcomes outsiders who are attracted to the 'underdog punches above its weight' tag. Sounds a whole lot like NZ Inc doesn't it? And all we want in return is a boat race held in our own back yard. In return everyone gets free rent and TWTCTN can demonstrate to the billionaires-in-waiting that they have a LOYAL following like the Man U's, Barcelona's and Werder Bremen's that people on this site h
  2. I see the gin was flowing freely at the retirement village the other day KSFB!
  3. You do the Coast credit NZL4ever. Impeccable logic.
  4. Never been asked, and yes, still paying more tax than I receive even in retirement. In general our household's philanthropy is targeted at alleviating poverty and supporting young people to reach their full potential. Sailing wise, I have dipped my my fingers in to help fund youth local sailing, and regularly volunteer at regattas. So dues are paid... priorities set... Fair winds
  5. My point is not that you shouldn't follow the money. Rather you should recognise that once you do, you can't expect people like me to sympathise or support you as a 'national' team. What we have seen (again) is a cynical play by TNZ, who could have had their cake and eaten it too if they stopped treating NZ Inc. (which has bigger investment priorities than a rules-mutated sailing vessel) like a bunch of dipsticks. Mr dalton, I wish you well, but please fuck off.
  6. Sorry KSB. That will be the NZ Herald's headline, but when and if they parade the cup around my local yacht club, I'll be MIA.
  7. When you're doing it to feed you family, opportunity wins every time. That's why our dairy industry depends on migrants. If claim to be representing a country (cue all the TNZ marketing bullshit since 1987...) loyalty wins every time. When you're representing a small entitled bunch or rich pricks from Auckland... who gives a shit where you take your next dollar from. When you're helping maintain NZ's boatbuilding industry more than all the other challengers are... I say thank you. But don't play the patriot card... ever again.
  8. Not as much as poor people SBD, you know that to be true. But by hokey... they don 't do too badly when the tax is spent ;-)
  9. Sayonara SBD. Your contributions are always on the money. Time a few others to switch off till next time?
  10. Cheeky Bugger! Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli wouldn't fit on a medal anyway!
  11. Here's the story. The Americas Cup is a contest between bona fide yacht clubs representing different nations, sailed in the waters of the defender If ETNZ is to be regarded as representing our nation: - The next Cup will be sailed in the open sea in the defending country (in this case NZ) - It will be sailed in vessels that won't fall apart in +/- 10 knots over prescribed limits - AC75's qualify (just) - Charlie Barr excepted, we as fanboys/girls (NZ'ers, Italians. Poms Italians or anyone else) will expect that the team reflects us as a nation - and have a genuine beli
  12. Well done ETNZ... truly did save the best till last. Forza Luna Rossa. Tough, uncompromising competitors on and off the water - the qualities of a true challenger. Wherever the next Cup happens, you must be there! If Mr dalton does turn his back on Auckland, then your will be our champion. Strider and all the Luna Rossa fans. Thank you for being here. You have lifted the tone and excitement of this forum. All the best... now time for a large scotch!
  13. Two nights in Firenze got me going, a long afternoon in Ventimiglia got me hooked!
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