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  1. I can't think of a better way to say it.
  2. So cool to see this. Perfect flat water conditions still so cool. Next step in testing is to see in some moderate swell
  3. Arghh, no thanks. I would prefer to poke my eyes out with a rusty nail.
  4. Completely agree. I'm optimistic we will be sailing to Hobart on Boxing Day. Delusional, possibly?
  5. I'm also looking at buying a boat in the Med for cruising, then maybe sail home downunder to either Australia or NZ. Looking slightly larger around 45ft so I can more easily fit all those cruising options like solar, bigger battery bank, water maker etc. My question is how hard can you typically argue the price down?
  6. I still optimistically say if the jab rates get high enough, we will race to Hobart, enjoy a few beers/rums etc and one those rather ordinary scallop pies. Australia, just get jabbed, and get on with life FFS! I for one do not want to live in a country paralysed with the fear of living with covid to a point where life ceases as we know it. At the moment we are simply existing, this is not living. Yep some States have no cases and enjoy 'normal life' but is it really 'normal'? Approximately 30% of Australian population are born overseas according the the Aus Bureau of Statistic
  7. I'm going against popular opinion and voting for optimism that the Hobart will proceed, no restrictions. I say this on the basis of vaccination rates rising across Australia. Tassie is actually the highest state for vaccination rates across their population, albeit a small population. Get the boat ready to go south I say. Blindly optimistic, maybe, but it is better than hopeless pessimism in my opinion.
  8. Whilst I generally agree with this comment, especially for such a big fleet as the Fastnet I am sure the committee have time to check the track of one of the marquee boats. What else have they got to do at the moment with the vast majority of the fleet still miles away?
  9. It will be really interesting to see what the Race Committee do now with Rambler since it appears they sailed the wrong course? Or does it take a protest from another competitor? Maybe the Rambler Navigator knows something we don't but every other boat seems to be keeping the Fastnet TSS to port.
  10. I think you will find this is The Fastnet for 2021 so therefore is this year’s “real” Fastnet Sometimes tradition needs a shake up and many time the outcomes are much better.
  11. Looks like the Tracker using Windy shows the Tide ebbing (east to west) by all account the tide is flooding now (west to east). One of them is right, the other is not. I would trust Tidetech, since that is what they do.
  12. Wind and forecast wind is critical to all entrants and it appears to be fading into the future. Tidal Currents in this part of the world are also incredibly important to consider, and all competitors should be setting themselves up at the Scilly Isles for their approach to the Alderney Race and their final push towards the finish line. The Alderney race will be flowing at up to 9.5knots at times, many boats wont be able to sail that fast if they find themselves going against it. Skorpios are sure to have routing software to bring it all together with forecast winds and currents based on
  13. Looks like Rambler cannot read the SIs, sack the naviguessor? I imagine the bowman would have told them which way to go but as per usual the bowman (who knows everything) isn't listened to by the apparent "brains trust"! Haha
  14. Marine Traffic is another site that seems to update more quickly than the official Fastnet Yellow Brick Tracker site, at least for me anyway.
  15. Edmond de Rothschild is first around The Rock and heading home, very quick.
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