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  1. Is the Fastnet improved by finishing in France? Time will tell but I reckon this challenging race just became more challenging. The potentially fast moving tidal currents of The Alderney Race will challenge yacht navigators and decision makers when they are tired towards the end of the race. Any thoughts?
  2. What are the positives and negatives of finishing in France? What will the weather do? Who will win? Line honours or handicap?
  3. yep, forgot about Hydroptere. Fair point. Moths, A Class Cats = dinghies. The change to sailing wasn't whether a dinghy could foil, Moths prove that, it was the technology in every aspect of design and construction to get a big boat on foils and out of the water so yes I agree with Hydroptere.
  4. The Moth is a great dinghy and a driver of many significant developments in yachting but the step from a dinghy to ETNZ 2013 America's Cup challenge took it another level. Then regardless of whether we get to sail a 72ft foiling cat or not is not the question. The question is the '50 yachts that changed the way we sail". ETNZ has inspiring foil development for many race yachts now, everything from Beneteau Figaro to Vendee yachts, even the new Club Swan, all using foils. It's the technology and yacht design in the ETNZ boat that changed race yachts. Maybe it was inspired by Moths? The
  5. ETNZ Americas Cup 2013, a big foiling boat. Yeah sue it got 2nd in the final but these guys came up with the idea.
  6. When was New Zealand included as part of Australian time zones??
  7. I guess it depends what way the tide is running, along with strength and direction of the wind. In the right conditions it could be a great slingshot in the right direction. In the worst case it could ruin your race results Don't just worry about Portland Bill though. Every headland needs respect and consideration from a wind and tide perspective. What about when everyone is getting tired closer to the finish and you need to navigate the Alderney race near Cherbourg! My suggestion - get the best information you can find. Images courtesy of www.tidetechmar
  8. Not sure about the wind gribs yet but you can get these currents as gribs. Chesapeake bay is 0.005 degree resolution = approx 550meters, Long Island Sound = 0.001 degree resolution = approx 110m, open ocean resolution 0.1 degree = approx 10km. All can be integrated to Expedition or many other platforms. www.tidetechmarinedata.com
  9. Hello CrashTestDummy. If you want currents for the Annapolis Newport race check out Tidetech. They have all the data on currents you need from start to finish. Available on their own Tidemap or with grib files for integration with Expedition etc. https://www.tidetechmarinedata.com/metocean-data-2 scroll down this page a bit for an example of Tidemap when you click on Chesapeake Bay. They also have everything you need for Long Island Sound from NY City to Cape Cod.
  10. Excellent news. Bean Rock shows 10knots gusting 12. lets hope for another couple of knots in the average and gusting breeze before the start!
  11. Here are the Auckland tidal currents at 1630 today New Zealand time.
  12. I agree. Once they are eliminated they are no longer a competitor. Just a fancy foiling yacht that is in the Auckland area that might want to enjoy a bit of ‘fun’ racing and sailing.
  13. Keep the great analysis coming Weta27, I'm a huge fan of the photos, but if the seagull says "fast-as-f**K" we have one heck of a regatta in front of us!. Woo Hoo.
  14. Oh Stinky, Whatever interesting product you are smoking you should quit. No sandbagging anymore. These team are racing for every win now!
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