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  1. Yep, I made sure they are all locked up in a mental hospital, how do I know? NZ is full of Japies, there will be no escaping. Anyway, Kate says it's only like a simple herpes, and dissolving a aciclovir in your whiskey will cure it. He is in a straightjacket now.
  2. You mean you had to look up what it meant?
  3. Very disappointed that my pedagogical skills don't work on obnoxious anarchist. I failed, and will now get the belt out, you've all been warned! PS. I see, you already got the idee, good one.
  4. Exactly. I tried very hard to give the thread some legitimately. But to no avail, they continue their knitting circle.
  5. Quite honestly, the OP is committing serious thread drift, right from his first post. Of course the RNZYS and Etnz have the right of self defense against the populist Home Defense. Just the name alone should be Home Traitors for starters. Anyway, the Commodore will hold a gun to the heads of the voters, and some heads will fall, no doubt. And Dalts will lay in wait for Dunfuck and Farm Boy, with his foiling hydrogen bike, black book in hand to book them. And Porthos, only the Law of the Dog applies here, not some crazy Green Bay Packers or Harley Davidson interpretation. For fuck sak
  6. You know were to take this shit, do you?
  7. The Belgium prime minister Paul van den Boeynants had Bill Clinton over for dinner, and Bill politely asked him if he had any hobbies. Yes yes, Paul said, fucking horses. Um, pardon..., Yes, paarden.
  8. Most of Iggyray's lame videos are not available to me, must be because she's got me tuned out. A shame, as I have some decent music for him, to test his subwoofer. Sounds really good on my 39ft carbon fiber subwoofer, actually.
  9. Worst thread drift in AC ever? DG, Jal, and all others should never have mentioned him, not here anyway. Back to yachting, or rather AC-35 and Dunfuck: Linky or picture? I have a picture of him fucking horses, it's true. And how old is Dunphy, or how old was he in 1987 (Fremantle)? Disclaimer to avoid a defamation suit: fucking is a germanism/barbarism for breeding. And BTW, my grandpa always said to never let your daughters get near horses, or they will be lost for crewing for you.
  10. Fun movie indeed, but Chris Bouzaid at a North loft, are you sure?
  11. Last I checked this thread was called Brexit WTF, and I personaly added another WTF to rescue it from PA. Most of us here love the UK, mainy because of all the sailing we do there, and are just saddened, disappointed or rather disgusted by Brexit. If you want to start an "If you are Dutch, you aren't much" thread, feel free.
  12. Just a slight exaggeration, Formula 1 is what they pretend to be, you shill. And Hillary and Tenzing, simply no comparison.
  13. So, obviously that Shitseeker is one of your old stalwart friends: Doesn't pass the smell test, does it?
  14. Are you paying attention, at all? Go back 5 pages, and see what was being said, please. And FWIW, this is what I said at the time:
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