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  1. Half time, and I'm half deaf now. Fiji leading but All Blacks are fast! PM. Well, sorry NZ, there was no stopping "us", some players began crying before the end. Next a Fijian SailGP team, after all we have a Fijian Laser Radial girl going for it, trained with the NZ team, thank you TNZ.
  2. Argentina beat Great Britain for Bronze. Probably a big thing for the Argentinian team, even though they were all born after the Falkland war. Meanwhile Fijians going completely wild here, go Fiji go!
  3. Admittedly I know fuck all about all this rugby stuff, but after watching the semi-finals in Tokyo... I still don't know. Apparently New Zealand has got 3 Fiji born players in their team, kind of traitor's thus, while the real Fiji'ans pray a lot more. So, I'm sorry for Four, but the Fiji warriors will beat the shit out of Team Maori/Itaukei, in a couple of hours! If not, I will never post any thread drift in this thread again... Fiji Go!!!
  4. Not only that, I have a feeling that it's also old money versus new money. That's still a factor in a club like the NYYC. Also, not all conservatives necessary like Trumpism. I know at least one esteemed member who fucking hates them. Altogether a surprising and intriguing development, and if it results into 2 proper teams that sail and develop together then that could be an important bonus.
  5. This whole discussion should be moved to the FakeGP Circus thread, together with all you Failed Posters and the popcorn!
  6. Just another sick remark from you.
  7. About to start: Have fun, I'm gone hit the sack...
  8. Well you know, he certainly seemed an ETNZ fan, you know...
  9. New to me, and certainly good news for the TOR, if he can find some more money!
  10. Exacly, like this one, from the developers of the Dyna rig. A far more down to earth project that nevertheless is still vaporware, AFAIK. This is a proven rig concept, not only on the Maltese Falcon, but also on the Monster Yacht A. Don't know what the carbon footprint of the 'spars' would be, or the carbon fiber in this case. https://www.dykstra-na.nl/designs/wasp-ecoliner/
  11. Kenny I don't know, but never thought I would need to downvote Rasper (plenty likey's before). Anyway, not only an amazing presentation, in very good English (or is that virtual too ), they also say the right things, and seem to have the right people involved. And what's not to love about their environmental ideals? Go for it! https://www.e1series.com/
  12. OneWorld you mean? Nothing like the Great Sparrow, not at all. But ignoring OneWorld by all means, if you are so inclined. Me, I don't care, he's not nearly as bad as many others, not yet anyway. And he does have a point about the Uighurs' genocide, no denying that. It's horrible and should never be condoned!
  13. Debt I don't know, but I would think they don't necessarily need to repay their investors, not anytime soon anyway. They seem either charitable foundations, like The Schmidt Family Foundation with a staggering $36B assets (and hardly any liabilities), or social investors (just guessing from their names). See: https://www.saildrone.com/category/company And: https://www.saildrone.com/about That are impressive names, both their people and their project partners. That said, Richard and his Saildrone company might simply be too busy to even contemplate a sail speed rec
  14. You're right, they even have gone into your brain, it seems. Try Clorox!
  15. Pretty amazing fellow, that Richard Jenkins of Saildrone! I think he was still at (Imperial) College when he spotted a landsailing speedrecord yacht in the yard were he was doing a holliday job. Being a very likeable and super enthousiastic youngster, the owners let him take over the project, and with the help of some more private and commercial sponsors he indeed got the World Land Yacht record, after many up and downs, some 10 years later. Not sure, but I think after that he got sponsorship from Google's, and 11th Hour Sailing's, Eric Schmidt for his Saildrone project.
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