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  1. The short answer is nobody anywhere knows. Some posters here do know how difficult and expensive it is. The best useless advice is to not even think about shipping anything! Sorry...
  2. You're right, the embrace was another old bugger, and Dalts seemed to ignore that stupid medal altogether. Does Aaron say something to Dalts, like come on, don't be silly? Certainly nothing in particularly between the two, and you only give credence to Stinker's insinuating interpretation of an April Fool's joke.
  3. Pretty sure I saw a loving embrace with big smiles between the two. What other body language do you expect, a tongue kiss or a love bite?
  4. Incidentally, have you and DG buried the hatchet? Much like GD and PJ?
  5. My kids have 1000 of friends, on facebook. Freud would have explained the phenomenon if he was still alive today, ah well, maybe his name was Sigmund Elvis... Disclaimer: Early morning after a fight with one of my kids, because I cut off his internet access. And while sipping my first coffee as usual.
  6. OK then, you are not invited for the Royal Yacht Squadron Ball either, they are always so much fun, and in great style too. Though we may invite all the Prada fanbois for drinks on the lawn. You're welcome!
  7. And you think they would give a fuck about those stupid medals, they are going to hang them in the toilet. No, Prada should have given them all a $2999 handbag, so that they could throw them ceremonisly into the public. Louis Vuitton 1 - Prada 1, a Grenadier next.
  8. And just in the unlikely event that the Kiwi's lose the Old Mug to the original Royal Donor, they will win it back again 2 years later, before an utterly raving home crowd. Imagine that, I'm gone be there!
  9. Team GBR was already used and registred by ... Team GBR of the RYA. So they cleverly called themselves Team UK, now Ineos Team UK. UK is GB without N-Ireland, isn't it?
  10. In 3 years time, instead of the usual 4. What is not to like, must be a very infectious Whine virus going round here.
  11. I've heard of some others going in the 49er, might be a rumour. And there seems to be a FailGP team, and they must pay a 10% commission to Dalts.
  12. "Fuck, there's a hole in my bottom". Aargh...
  13. Regarding the CIC during the 12 Metre era of the NYYC reign, I can tell you that this was total, 100% of design, build including all materials, sails (incl cloth), winches, rigging, the fucking lot. Tank testing in an other country was somehow allowed and when Ben Lexcen came up with the idea of a wing keel, he went to a Dutch test tank to test and develop the idea. After the Americans lost, they tried to get an affidavit from the Dutch co-designers stating their involvement, but they refused to collaborate and the NYYC gave up their case. Ironically years later both of the two Dutch lea
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