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  1. I see, it's all love and peace in this thread, how nice! Like and love you all...
  2. Looked it up on that incredible site of histoiredeshalfs.com, and it looks like it is indeed. Jorg Riechers bought the salvaged boat, restored it, and must have sold it to OTG when he ran out of money. The story in French with some English, and more pictures is here: http://www.histoiredeshalfs.com/Histoire des 60'/E51.htm
  3. Don't worry, it was just a hint at quoting yourself followed by a blank post, that was all. And BTW, accidental downvoting seems to happen now and then to others as well. It's easily done.
  4. Well done Team Offshore Germany, with a French navigator and an English boatcaptain !
  5. Exciting finish of the Austrians, was live. (Scroll to 1' for the beginning) Finish of TOG to follow in 1½ hour, or more...
  6. I agree. There is something wrong with your screen...
  7. Looks like it was, and still is surprisingly, here: And it will play back, if you are so invlined...
  8. Him with good old Harold Cudmore, with a Guinness in hand. https://www.echolive.ie/corksport/arid-40118915.html
  9. You mean in Warkworth, New Zealand ! https://www.corebuilderscomposites.com/en/company-history.html PS. Obviously new posts don't get notified most of the times. But anyway, check the story in the link, impressive.
  10. Fuck yea, after coffee the tracker updated, Poor Poland !
  11. Don't know, but I'm seeing things different here. Maybe I need some coffee, or you guys in Europe are into the pinot! In fact things are changing all the time, up and down...
  12. Plenty daily fixes a day! Nice to see them in good spirits on board though.
  13. You can always compare the two trackers to witness a collision, but personally I would be more worried if I was the captain of a fishing vessel... http://www.sgstracking.com/live/index.html?id=255 It looks like they are about to start.
  14. BTW, the Rolex Giraglia Race is starting today, with a course from Sanremo to Cannes, then to Corsica and the finish in Genoa. There are only 138 entries this year, back from around 250 previously, but there is still a good chance that the TORE boats will be running into them along the French coast. Could result in a bit of fun for the bored to death crews, and Bouwe Bekking might even get exited since he has won 4 Giraglia's in his long career. Gone be busy in Genoa this weekend.
  15. You do realize that Willem was smart enough to become the only person to conquer the UK, largerly peacefully too. With the help of God I might add... Also, the Orangists had a lasting influence on Northern Island, I'm afraid. Where do you think Edwin Poots family came from? Anyway, better to sing about the dunes of the North Sea than the banks of the Ocean, methinks (nice song nevertheless). Jacques Brel, a Belgium sailor and one of the greatest French chansonnier's, with the "Flat Country". English translation of Le plat pays by Jacques Brel With the
  16. Everyone on SA/AC needs to calm the fuck down. The Cup is not gone, but it might go...
  17. You better look again now... This is the Med, you know. Even some of the best navigators in the world cannot change that!
  18. It may be looking good for those two now, but it’s way too soon to call. There are too many areas of no wind, which are impossible to predict and avoid.
  19. Don't worry, as long as you don't try to brush your teeth with Anusol, or the other way round, you'll be alright. Expect plenty of navigators and crew to go mad in the next few days, in the Mediterranean doldrums. Gone be fun!
  20. A bit more info here: https://www.theoceanrace.com/en/news/12855_LIVE-START-DAY-Live-blog-for-the-Alicante-Race-Start.html And Live start on youtube: In just over 3 hours from now, not sure if my hourglass will last long enough... PS. Add 45min. to YouTube time, ATM anyway.
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