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  1. But Dalts, but GD, but Grumpy, may have a few million hard earned dollars, and have some near billionaire friends, he is not a Bertarelli or an Ellison. In fact he is a just a crooked bookkeeper who has only won 2 RTW races, and 2 AC's with huge teams to control. He actually could possibly have won 3 RTW's if he had not listened to his future ex, big mistake indeed (true story). But, but, in the end Dalts will defend the Cup in the best possible way, the best for the event and the best for the team and NZ. No doubt about that. All the mischievous haters here carry on and on and on, piss o
  2. Indeed, I see lots of dickheads here, but only 1 where it comes out of his arse, while licking puss.
  3. I see, you must have a whole list of them. I have a whole list of dickheads here.
  4. Nonsense again, dickhead. Said "journalist" actually lives in NZ. and has a NZ wife and kids.
  5. So you think Jacko got it wrong? You seem to have a hard on for that beast, that's understandable, but don't Jack off right in front of us, please.
  6. Anyway, you should all do the test protocol, it's available in the Appstore and Playstore.
  7. And from one of the Twitter replies, have we seen this one?
  8. Not quite lost, more like went over the side and into a coma, a Sad Song...
  9. There is a bit more on the tatoo parlor woman here, and it's not looking good: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/17/its-excruciating-brother-of-uk-woman-swept-away-in-tonga-tsunami-waits-for-news
  10. And which of them is his ball boy?
  11. Did you Aussie fuckers really torture that poor Serbian tennis boy? Why not shoot him, and all the other Serbian traitors, and rape all their daughters, wifes and grandma's. Show some respect for their traditions ffs. See enlightening video here: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jan/16/novak-djokovic-to-be-deported-from-australia-after-losing-appeal-against-visa-cancellation
  12. A proper link should embed automatically. Your link seemed to be shortened, but opened correctly in the browser. It should have looked like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AuCZz_RBU&feature=youtu.be Not enough wind in that video, for the foil to make a difference. Still another day to go, and not a lot of speed difference with "I love Polish girls", at the moment.
  13. The testicle crocket players celebrate after the Court decision, they all shout "OUT". Fair dinkum...
  14. There is a difference though, and you continually are using faulty reasoning. You are either just trolling, or a demented engineer, or both.
  15. Similar indeed. The second boom I heard, and some smaller ones, must in fact have been echo's. We are behind some mountain ranges, while Lakeba (from the sound video) is wide open to Tonga, and quite a bit closer too. We also had what we thought was a spring tide, when the yard flooded. And heard that some kids were running away from the waterfront too. This morning our long fishing net was all tangled up and stuck on the coral, took hours to untangle.
  16. We had a lot of thunder and lightning recently, associated with the slow passage of cyclone Cody, and when we heard two really big booms yesterday we at first thought it was just another big thunder, that somehow sounded more like an explosion. Listen to this, amazing.
  17. Quite possible, though I don't see that, but it's well after beer O'Clock here. Seem to vaquely remember the picture, though they all look similar, I suppose. And isn't the current one an undersea vulcanic eruption as well?
  18. Seems to work for me. Try to go to website/link just above, that I just edited/added.
  19. And amazing picture: https://m.dw.com/en/tonga-hit-by-tsunami-after-volcanic-eruption/a-60433025
  20. Hopefully no casualties, as a tsunami warning has been in force for the last 24hours, in Tonga that is. Impressive pictures and video's indeed, here one more:
  21. No, it was not. I didn't say a J, I said dinghy, albeit a rather large one. Try to keep up with Floating "things".
  22. You really need urgent brain surgery, my friend. My uncle from Toronto who wanted to be a Newfie did that half succesfully, and now lives in Quebec, "il n"a pas de problème".
  23. And will soon go sailing in his dinghy. Don't rule him out of the AC, at some point.
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