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  1. Agreed on this. I have a pair of boots which are great for back of the boat work, deliveries and cruising. But on the foredeck waterproof socks and a light shoe work much better.
  2. Nice tips here. I think I might try a pair of vans - the tread looks pretty great. I also might pick up a pair of the Adidas on ebay while they are still available, and use them solely (hehe) when I am racing as a bowman. I am sorry, I just can't get into the socks and sandals game. That is a slippery slope towards Tommy Bahama shirts and talking about how it is not the heat, but the humidity that gets you.
  3. nailed the nav too, hitting less than a mile away from the southernmost point
  4. For those reading this who may be looking for an alternative, I have been using Lanex ropes and have been super happy with them. They are a Czech company, and I saw they are hiring Ukrainian refugees as an added bonus. Sensible Yacht Cordage is the shop I have been going through for four or five years. Good pricing and excellent service. (I have no affiliation, so don't tell me to buy an ad - just passing on info as a happy customer)
  5. anyone tried these: https://www.hellyhansen.com/en_us/feathering-11572?color=605157
  6. Yeah, terrex water shoe. Those who have them know how great they are.
  7. I currently use Adidas Terrex shoes, and absolutely love them. They are light weight, dry quickly, drain, and the grip is great. Sadly, they have been discontinued for a couple years. I am looking for a similar shoe that will be good for wet bow-work, but can't seem to find anything close. Zhik ZKG seems to be discontinued as well. Any ideas/suggestions? (I am not a fan of the topsider style - I have tried plenty that don't seem to do anything that well)
  8. Looks great. And given the color choice, you are unlikely to lose visibility of the wheel if that was a concern. Thread drift here, but I have always wondered about using bike handlebar grip tape to wrap a wheel. I have a tiller boat, so I have never been able to try. But I have also never seen anyone do that.
  9. I probably should have said tag line, not thumbnail. I was referring to "lazy day turns into a sex tape". That is not even being coy about it haha.
  10. Is this a contender for top thumbnail on this thread?
  11. I would guess because a used 30fter is cheaper than a new 22-25fter, so there goes the budget market. And you are brave to do a month in the bahamas without shade!
  12. Now there is a $25,000 reward for information on this boat. Super weird...
  13. It is really odd to hear about a theft of a whole yacht in the USVIs. Dingy, or toys, sure. And they chose a 45' Freedom no less. Seems like an odd story in the making. https://safetyandsecuritynet.org/incident-2758-2/
  14. This one looks especially good with the blue HR paint line seeping through. But HR's looks have never been for me, so outside of a terrible color choice I vote paint away. A navy hull might make them look nicer actually...
  15. They advertise to have the same beam as a 36-40' mono. They also start at a higher price point than a Jeanneau 349. So I am not sure what space in the market they are trying to fill. The whole point of cats is more space - without that who wants one. They say "stability" a lot, but anyone who thinks that a catamaran with the same beam as a mono will somehow have more stability has clearly not spent any time on the water.
  16. I met them a few years back, so it was before they crossed the Atlantic. I follow them on Instagram and saw something about the Krakens but that is about it.
  17. We met them in Grenada, and had them over for a few (or many) drinks on our boat. I can say definitively that they are a very nice couple. Lost touch with them since, but they seemed to be interested in the cruising first, and taking viewers along for the ride to help stay afloat.
  18. that is sad! I swiped this from another forum, so I don't know if it is official but the colors look right. This is supposed to be for the new Excess 11. Shows better at least.
  19. Sounds like Zonk's guess at the best WW angle for a production cat is 90deg haha.
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